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The first time

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Rising Star
(mind)Set: Nervous,but calm
(physical condition) Set: Good
Setting (location): Couch, candles, low music
time of day: (12 or 24 hour system, daylight? starlight? overcast?) Night, around 10pm
recent drug use: (list also any kind of medication) none
last meal: (Time and type) can't recall

Gender: (m / f) f
body weight: (in kg pls) 88
known sensitivities: none
history of use: (experienced, novice, first timer - in general and for this specific substance/form) first timer of any psychedelics


Substance(s): (list all taken substances) DMT freebase
Dose(s): (in the same order as Substances pls, use metric system i.e. g/ mg/ µg) unknown
Method of administration: (dissolved in water, capsuls, insufflated, vaporized...) vaporized: GVG


Administration time: T=0:00 (expand this if you used delayed administration for multiple substances or the same substance with multiple doses. Use indices.) 1-2 mins
Duration: (x hours) 20 mins
First effects: patterns and colors
Peak: (estimate a time range and note as e.g. T=2:00-4:00 for a range of 2 hours beginning 2 hours after administration)
Come down:

Intensity (overall): (use HRS-like scale i.e. 0-4: 0 = "Not at all;" 1 = "Slightly;" 2 = "Moderately;" 3 = "Quite a bit;" 4 = "Extremely.") 4
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: (0-4)3
Unplesantness: (0-4) 1
Visual Intensity: (0-4) 4


Hangover: (0-4 ; what type of impleasantness ; duration) 0
Afterglow: (0-4 ; what type of positive effects ; duration) 4. DmnStr8 was my sitter and was surprised at the duration it took for me to be fully aware. Was confused but feeling great.


DmnStr8 handed me pen and paper as soon as I could start making sense again. He posted the following back in December for me:

Blues and greens, fronds undulating in waves. So calming and familiar. No fear, wonderment. Pulsing light, bright, golden in a sea of blue. I know you, you know me. It envelopes me, it is safe. Gain more knowledge, you have a teacher...you are a teacher, learn to trust instinct. Learn to love. I feel empty and whole at the same time, so tranquil, everything will make sense, don't give in to the sadness that lingers in the corner, shadows of ignorance waiting to consume. See it on the peripheral the light is pulsing faster, so happy, blissful-TAKE IT WITH YOU! Share, embrace, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Teacher, companion...me? Keep going, my breaths feel harder to take but I'm at peace if it's time to go. The light whirls, so comforting, pulsing with each labored breath, I don't fully understand, and it worries me, but I'm reassured, loved and held. YOU'LL BE BACK. The fronds are slowing, I can pass my hand through them, it's like holding a song in your palm. I have a lot to learn.
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