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The Goal of Mother Earth

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We need to return individuals to Mother Nature.

My mission is simple, FREE THEIR MINDS. Get them off the chemicals, including the psychotropics. Remind people that Mother Nature created Man, not the other way around.

There are a lot of dark forces out there that manipulate women and think you can do whatever you want with them. Well, I have a message for those selfish people -- women are more powerful than you.

The desire to receive for one's self alone is evil. They are using Magical Kabbalah to trick people.

I have no fear though and thus they cannot affect me. I walk with YodaHeh and the Godhead is within my Heart (32) now. We have to save this world and we can very easily.

We need to build a media network based off a room temperature superconductor (glass).

We need to educate the masses to smoke more, drink more and stress less.

Specifically, we need a DMT-revolution.

Who is interested in helping?



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