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The Gordo tek

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Hey there everyone, I just had a question and knew this would be the best place for it.

I had done the gordo tek and I'm just trying to make sure the product of the extraction is dmt and not anything else or anything harmful I know it's all food safe products used in the tek (except naptha obviously). But just to have some clarity that's it's safe and that anything that would feel "off" is only the psychological part of the dmt and not anything physically harmful.

Thank you for your help.
Okay thank you, it is white and I did use the same solvent in the video, but to your knowledge and opinion would you were to say it's okay to smoke? I might just be doubting my inner Heisenberg my main concern is that it's not going to be safe but I did it step by step same material and good quality bark. Should be fine right?
I can't say 100% since I don't all the details of your method, but assuming you followed the tek and if you got a pile of crystals, I expect, indeed, it should be fine. :)
Okay great haha yeah that's what I ended up with but I noticed a small amount of plant material the plate had gone through the drying process and I let it dry a bit longer to be sure, and I had tested a small amount in a oil burner but had given me a bad chem taste and numbed my tongue but I think that's due to it being burned more than vaped then I used the sandwich method which got rid of most of that, the chem taste was way way more faint almost to none and no numbing felt some effects but I was only testing to make sure it was safe didn't make me feel sick or cause headache so I figured that was a good sign😁

Thanks a lot fellow space traveler👽
dreamer042 said:
That specific tek isn't one of ours so much of the community probably isn't familiar enough with it to offer specific support. It does seem to be pretty popular these days and in briefly looking it over, it seems to be a decent tek.

This thread may be helpful:
IMPORTANT: spice color purity fallacy AKA is your dmt ok to smoke ?

Gordo tek is basically Q21Q21's white fest tek, if followed closely and if ingredients are top notch it would yield nice clean crystals.
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