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The Grand Elixir

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Mitakuye Oyasin

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I came across this interesting and intriguing paper (pdf) named "The Grand Elixir." The author does not really name what plant or substance this is. Is it a Harmala extraction? Is it a spygaric tincture made from Syrian Rue? Is it something else? I'm curious to hear some opinions from the chemists out there. Thanks.


  • The_Grand_Elixir_Sacred_Fire_and_Royal_B.pdf
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Title: Akasa (Acacia?)

Ark of the covenant (wood part): Acacia

Tree that grew above Hiram's grave: Acacia

All mentioned in the paper :)
I do not know if this is the article you were referring to, but I have been trying to decipher the recipe hinted at here for some time:

Are there any members here who are well versed at making spagyric tinctures who may have insight?

Thanks in advance :)
Yes that is the same paper as the PDF I posted with the same photos. I too would love a working tek on this spagyric tincture.
So if this tek must have been achievable in 3600 BCE or prior, what ingredients and equipment could you have used? Water, ethanol, vinegar, glass, fire, lye? They had distilling equipment, wine making equipment, perfume making equipment. Someone knowledgeable and capable could do a great deal of chemistry with all that. How amazing would it have been to take this purified Ayahuasca trip either inside the Great Pyramid or near it 5,000 years ago?
Born to early to explore space, born to late to explore Earth.

How cool indeed it would have been to practice alchemy under candlelight (or luminescence :)) while your friends watched in amazement. Imagine concocting a potent brew and dazzling the community, then going for an adventure in a pyramid. That's an exciting thing to think about.
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