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The Grid SHE March forth


I hereby propose a SHE for the day March 4th 2013, specifically I wish to have a she contemplating/seeking the grid, and the fractal nature of reality, and sacred geometry.

If you know not what I am talking about when I say the grid, here is what I am referring to:
The Grid - Open Discussion - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

March 4th is the day the mckenna bros performed their infamous experiment at la chorrera, I thought it an equally appropriate date to break through and seek the grid, and I think if a few of us do it together we will be able to undertand more from eachother.

I'm very curious to see if we all focus our intent on seeing the grid, I bet we all actually see it that's how real and right there I believe it is.

Cheers nexus anyone in!?
Great to have ya on board mik! Perhaps we will jam some ozric tunes on that she night as well.

Either way, glad to have ya! Cheers my friend!
Ill keep a blast off dose for that day just Incase I'm running low and haven't started a new extraction lol. By any Vance is there a specific time you're wanting this to happen?
Sweet! A good crew here!

You can use your entheogen of choice, I am going with bridgesii, because I have seen the grid the past 3 times with bridgesii, I do also plan on some changa in the evening in chat if anyone is down to blast off simultaneously.

ill put in a reminder bump post about a week from now,

I think the she should take place when it is dark out and the stars are out, all evening, but we could arrange a specific time for a dmt blast as well I wanted to use both cactus and dmt.

This is going to be AWEsome
Ill be there tonight, i hope to see you guys there!

I invited some other shamanic friends from mycotopia as well so it should make for an interesting evening

i will join in the evening and make a chat called march forth, if there isnt already one!

See you guys in hyperspace. ill be using ayahuasca
I participated in the SHE... saw many grids, activation of such grids, connection and interface with them... very interesting stuff!
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