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The grow log of a novice.

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I have zero experience with cacti. But good fortune and love brought me some seed, so here we are. Funds are limited right now, so I am working with the bare minimum, but as I go I will upgrade.

So anyway, here we go...

Soil: Miracle Grow Citrus and Succulent Soil

6" draining pot

10(ish) LW seeds

Put soil in pot, wet soil and let drain through. Place seeds on top of soil.
Put pot in freezer bag. Mist until apparent humidity in bag. Seal bag and place on south-facing window. I have been taking the pot out every day for an hour or so.

Of the 10(ish lol) seeds, so far I count 8.

I will update every so often to document my progress.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the wealth of knowledge here, and thank you all of you beautiful souls that make this place so great.



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Forgot to mention that I started the seed on October 31st. Today I counted 11 starts, so apparently 10(ish) was an accurate statement.


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