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the importance of connection baby

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hello, i've been using the info on this forum for a while now but i was always busy with our own forums and chat rooms back in a country with persian language, soooo that is to say until now i wasn't really seeing any point in signing up and getting a full membership, now however i've realized clearly what sort of offspring this cyber activity is putting off, the exchange of ideas as one fits into the forum is magnificent and the very fact that your posts can be at your disposal for the navigation of your mind in the future AND available for everyone else to use, so upon this realization i've decided to join and start making my way one leap at a time into you little lovelies and humm with everyone as the divine comes to life through us.:twisted:
Iranian culture is very appealing to me. Since I ventured again into the psychedlic realm I started wondering again about Soma/ Haoma. Then I found out that Espand (Peganum Harmala) is still in use in Iran, even though only as incense.
So if I want to find out more about Espand and its traditional use, can you advise me on where to start? The Avesta seems to be such a huge block to conqeur...
hello werver 😁
the use of the syrian rue seeds or espand(esfand) for travel opposed to the public assumption has not been oral, however this originates from rug making workhouses in old persia where they would grind the espand into fine powder and boil them in water in certain ratios (im not certain of these ratios as i've never worked with them, but im sure its still used and known, beware ratios more potent that what they should be can be problematic over time as thats how its used which we'll go through shortly) and workers would sink piles of cotton threads into these coloring pits (boiling espand in water results in a reddish color) but an unavoidable fact here would be constant skin contact with the alkaloids present in espand which would be harmaline - harmine - THH, now the people working there would have their MAOs inhibited daily over a very long span of time, which would gradually increase the tryptamine content of their bodies, changing their brain chemistry to some degree, and they would (as anyone will if they try this) notice before they went to sleep or when they closed their eyes and tried to relax, trance induced geometric patters with vivid colors in motion, and sometimes following these patterns would result in lucid dreams, and naturally the rates of lucid dreams would increase in the population as the rug trade expanded, now a very important aspect of the situation is the presence of soma, the rug patterns that you see don't originate from the use of espand, rather these are places people would visit in a soma session, and recapture the experience in 2d geometry (which is the nature of syrian rue hallucinations, 2d colored geometry in motion) and replicate them into rugs, and these rugs weren't used to cover the floor, but rather were always on the walls or hanged from the ceiling, up to the point where soma slowly vanished and the purpose of the rugs were lost, they became a trade and used to cover the floor from then on, having forgotten the rugs were frames of the lands people visited on soma, the originality was lost
in case i can satisfy any further curiosities you might have i'd be happy to :p
it is fascinating how one cannot recognize if someone else "gets it" if one doesn't also "get it" :d i'll be looking forward to following your journey too dear Skylight as you may see fit sharing it:p
also i believe me and Intezam have had similar backgrounds and im still familiar with less known teachings of islam and its branches and how it has melted with Hinduism and Buddhism and how the suifs contributed the progress, but personally i found it too hard to journey having committed myself to my former belief system, later on having developed a bit further as things sank back to perspective, working with any system is silky smooth and rewarding, it all comes from the same place after all 😁
Intezam said:
...the (enemy) made ephedra (any) illegal where we live now, but if we had some, we would mix some (small) sprigs with our common malang's haoma (doogh i wahdat) and see how it does work against beng/bang/mang sloth and lazyness to battle the enemy. Not the same as using gaokerena/gokarna ....but still :thumb_up:
Funny, Dale Pendell also suggests something like this, i.e. ephedra in your haoma.
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