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The Importance of Ritual.

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emong said:
I'll address myself to you since you seem to be the only one sharing their thoughts at the moment.

I sometimes wonder if this on me for how in-depth I can't help going, and in effect, accidentally dominate the conversation with the OP.

emong said:
It is very satisfying to hear the thoughts of somebody who has obviously spent some time studying and thinking about all of these things regarding perception, mind, how we think, etc.; thank you for taking the time to answer. My delving into philosophy is much more superficial and my interest in the subject, while also undertaken purely for the mental pleasure of just thinking, it is also as conduit to make changes in a practical way in my and others' physical life on earth.

It's my pleasure and is a reciprocal interaction, so thank you as well.

I am very very passionate about philosophy (hence why I have a "useless" bachelors in it), specifically philosophic inquiry.

emong said:
With this in mind, can you share your thoughts (and this is open to anybody else who would like to chime into the conversation) on how do we take these complex thought processes which help us understand the nature of our existence, into some practical changes that we can make in our lives, in this case, since the basis our discussion was the importance of ritual and its relationship to intent and routine?

Yes, make a habit and routine out of ritual practice :D Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

To more seriously answer your question, which ironically does involve habit and routine, I think that it takes several factors to move more things into a ritual space. First, I'd say self-awareness on many levels, since the mind is the origin of intent. Self-awareness also puts us in more connection with our perceptions and perspectives, which need to change in order to make activities not seen as ritualistic seem more ritualistic. It's really a reprogramming in a lot of ways. We have to augment our outputs from the same inputs. In doing so we can see the sacredness endemic to all activities and can appreciate the nature of ritualizing them more. I think next, still sticking with awareness, we need to connect our inner awareness with our external awareness, noticing things like the inherently "complex" nature of existence (I like using existence instead of reality because I feel there's less conceptual banana peels to slip on; it's more inclusive). Noticing the complex interplay between inner and outer worlds.

Second would be to scrutinize intent. To the point where one is assessing the intent of the intent, in this case, leading to more ritualistic activity. If the goal is ritual then the intent should mirror that. And this is a stage where a lot of augmentation and editing will occur, because sometimes we don't know if something works for us until we try it.

Third, putting it to practice. The more one does something, the better they get at it (usually). I think in regards to ritual, making each and every moment and each and every action have meaning is key (which makes us jump back to self-awareness). And for the topic in question, "practice" should be pretty constant if one wants to pretty much make their life a ritual.

I think that applying this in a way that incites lasting change will take time, as it is when building anything of quality. Always easier and faster to destroy than to build. So anyone attempting this, imo, should do so mindfully, purposefully and slowly.

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