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The Indescribable Adventures

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Hello all,

May I first say it is a true pleasure to be here. I am new to the community of psychedelics and look forward to making new contacts to discuss with others who truly understand the same interests and experiences.

You could say I am a bit of a green-horn in the drug community, the only thing I have done prior to Spice is Mary Jay. To say the two are on entirely different spectrums is an understatement. This took the concept of drugs from fun to spiritual in just 10 minutes, and man. There are just no words to properly describe the true beauty and spiritual connection to everything you gain after your first experience.

My first experience:

The first time I tried, I believe I took about 35mg (from my knowledge and experience now I know this was a sub breakthrough), thankfully with a trusting friend. After the second hit to ensure I got the majority of it, I felt the rush as my entire body began to tingle. Once I was in, the most beautiful array of fractalized colors similar to a kaleidoscope presented itself to me. After the first minute I felt like I was somewhere else entirely, though to this day I still can't remember everything about it.

Through my many experiences after this, I have learned the true interconnectedness of everything and how our decisions create a ripple effect through everyones lives that are in existence on this planet in one way or another. Prior to these experiences, some situations that would be considered moral dilemmas for others never effected me. Post experiences, my conscience is no longer so silent. My experiences truly are changing who I am as a person, into a much more constructive, conscientious, and open soul. It has truly taught me that we are all here on in this existence to help one another. I look forward to everything I can learn from you all.

Thank you for reading,

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