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The Journey has Begun

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Hi all, I originally posted this as my introduction essay but upon reflection I think it's better suited here. Being my first post I was extremely excited to talk about my experiences with DMT. So without further ado, here are my trip reports of my history with DMT.

My first steps towards hyperspace started years ago. A good friend of mine was telling me about a crazy substance that would tear the roof off this reality and put you in a different one where you would be greeted by aliens. At this stage I had never even done LSD, though I was a stoner and a drinker, I couldn't even comprehend psychedelics. Needless to say I was fascinated at the possibility. 'How could so many people have such similar trips?' I wondered. It was a couple of years before I was eventually able to get my hands on some, and while my friend blasted off beside me I had a black trip with minimal visuals, a strong body feeling and time distortion. As you can imagine I was not content with the experience and longed for more.

Another couple of years passed by the time I managed to come by some changa. By this time I'd had a few LSD trips, a couple of experiences with Molly and a low dose mushroom trip. It's probably a good time to mention that my last psychedelic experience before I took the changa was a bad trip on 1.5 tabs of what turned out to be 25i. Twenty minutes after taking the tabs the visuals were stronger than any previous acid trip at the peak, I was in for one hell of a ride and I wasn't ready. I ended up stuck in trip loops and some personal issues came to surface. The experience was heavy and sure did teach me to treat psychs with some more respect.

My first changa experience was interesting, terrifying and once again left me wanting more. I feel like I just dipped a toe into the kiddie pool of hyperspace. At first I thought I had relapsed back into the bad 25i trip, it was certainly a familiar feeling, then the shapes started turning into what looked like clowns and was greeted by the Jesters. Three of them came right up in my face, almost identical to a section of the trip scene in the movie Dumbo. 'It's so good to see you again' they said and I couldn't help but feel I've been to this place before. A few weeks later I decided I wanted to blast off again. I didn't have any real intention, I was just un-content with previous experiences and wanted more. This time I had more, a medium sized cone at first then a flatty. As I was pulling the second hit my housemate started turning into a reptilian like creature and the everything else in my vision started to change. I felt the fear. 'It's already so intense and I'm having more?' I thought. Looking up at the ceiling the lines began to form a white room around me and I closed my eyes. On this trip I was completely overwhelmed, the same feeling of the bad trip relapse. There were entities all around me, more human-like than the jesters, one of them walked up to me an opened up my head like a a chest and pulled out a Cube, then out of the cube he pulled a Sphere, the Cube stayed open and things kept coming out of it, the memory of this only just came back to me recently after a snowcone of freebase and weed. By this point in the trip I was resisting, terrified of letting go into the growing white sphere in front of me. I kept opening my eyes as if to tell myself I'm okay but seeing the lounge room turn into crazy indescribable shapes wasn't very reassuring, I thought I had pissed myself (something that also happened during the bad trip). I felt like a baby in hyperspace and the entities were trying to teach me how to walk, every time I'd fall down they would pick me back up and tell me I can do this. The personal issues that came up during the bad trip came up again at the end of the trip, and I knew I had to do address those things before coming back.

I pondered the idea of doing DMT for a while, wondering if it was really something I wanted to do again. While we were trekking the Himalayas in Nepal, a good friend of mine had a prophetic dream. He said to me one morning that The Elves had a message for me 'Tell your friend *name* not to give up'. I looked down at the table asking myself if this means my journey with DMT is to continue? And I noticed the holes in the salt shaker formed a Star Tetrahedron. I took this to mean that yes, my work is not complete. After meditating on it for a while the words 'DMT Winter Solstice' kept coming to me. I knew what had to be done.

A couple of days before winter solstice I was at a friends place, and my friend put forward the idea of doing some changa. Commence pre flight jitters. After my first hit I decided not to go for a breakthrough and just enjoy a lower dose. This was a very enjoyable and insightful experience, I had two trips, the first one I had fairly mellow visuals and the second one was really cool. With my eyes closed I saw what I imagined to be a representation of the structure of the DMT reality, similar to the representation of the 4th dimension in Interstellar, then a face began to appear and slowly faded away.

The next day I decided to go for a breakthrough with the freebase I had. This time I entered the DMT world through a cube. Once again it felt like I was in a small yet infinite room, it felt like a kindergarten and an entity was sitting with me at a desk showing me all of these impossible things I could never describe. A small white sphere started forming in front of me, my first thought was that it was the portal to a 'complete breakthrough' but I didn't feel the need to enter and was happy where I was. After this I noticed there had been a very large humanoid being over my left side watching me the whole time. I asked how I was doing and got the reply 'Well'. I felt like this was a being I had met before during an LSD trip when I was connecting with a Golden Lemurian Quartz point. At the end of the trip a whole bunch of beings came right up in my face waving goodbye, I was happy to be going back and sad to be leaving.

Now I feel like I have started down the path of an exciting journey and I am excited to see where it leads me. I have been reading a lot of wonderful information on the nexus and have read trip reports and seen artwork that are very similar to my experiences which piques my initial curiosity in the fascinating world of DMT. I am thankful for the insights I have received and look forward to yours and more.

Thank you.
Thanks for reading and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I actually came across some artwork the other day that is very similar to the '4th dimension' layering I was talking about.

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