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The machine is a machine. (first breakthrough)

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OG Pioneer
Oh lawds!!!!



I put 42 mg on the steel wool, scrubbing it up then melting it in.

I stuffed that bugger into the machine and having done 50 in a bulb vaporizer...

I expected:

Mild OEV
nice buzz

I was quite suprised. I'm sure I could have gone further, but this is the first time I was definitely in another world.


I put the straw to my lips lit the BIC, and I toked.

The first breath was a little harsh and I coughed, but kept it in for about 6-8 sec.

I felt the similar buzz coming up a little quicker than usual, but I went for another toke.

I held this one in for about 6-10, I was not all there by the time I exhaled.

I kept my eyes closed because I have a love affair with CEVs :D

the CEVs grew and went from rough outlines of women, to detailed faces, to detailed bodies.

In my mind I am always judging and comparing my conscious state so i'm thinking

"Whoa, this is intense. Kinda like.... uh.... Salvia... but more LSD peakish.."

That is the last rational thought I had at least. I lost my ego at that point.

It was not hard... I was expecting it to be hard, haha.

On salvia I fought hard to keep my ego and had my worst trip to date....

Anyway, back to my visions. I all I was seeing seemed to be slightly to the to of my vision, at least the most detailed stuff.

I was at this odd, dark waterpark. I was just observing while all the beings, not full figured women anymore, but little elves.

I was at the poolside and I was watching all of them jump off and climb the ladders to to the dozens of diving boards and jump and flip off.

This went on for maybe 1-3 minutes, and it kinda felt like 1-3 min, haha.

I was feeling so at peace with this world. There was definately a "where am I" and a "shouldn't I be somewhere else" aching...

But the feeling of peace and wonder was greater.

The comedown was relatively smooth.

The music changed and I had an urge to sit up.

I looked back to my roomie who states plainly:


I say simply


I sat down and enjoyed the slightly more intense than usually CEVs during the comedown.

I then realized I had a body about a minute later and just chilled to the music for another 3-5 minutes.

When I sat up I describe the waterpark and elves (which I never got a CLEAR look at...)

I just walked around saying



"That was crazy!"

with a smile on my face.

I think I would have the guts to try it again. But I am not sure if I could do it with my eyes open...

Cheers fellow hyperspace voyagers
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