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The maiden's positive embrace.

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(mind)Set: Relaxed with a little bit of a heavy heart.
(physical condition) Set: Healthy.
Setting (location): In an open field surrounded by trees.
time of day: 0900, clear sunny day, 21 degrees, sun to my back.
recent drug use: LSD about two months prior.
last meal: Vanilla oats with almond milk and home made espresso at 0800.

Gender: Male
body weight: 80 kg
known sensitivities: NIL
history of use: Third time using DMT. Very experienced with LSD


Substance(s): DMT
Dose(s): 40 mg
Method of administration: Vaporized


Administration time: 0910
Duration: 30 minutes
First effects: 0910
Peak: Approximately 0914, Although, time was not intently monitored.
Come down: 0920
Baseline: Complete come down at about 0945, after glow lasting approximately 24 hours after administration.

Intensity (overall): 4


Hangover: 0, not strain was felt after the journey.
Afterglow: 4, A positive connection for 24 hours following journey.


Before beginning the journey, I need to give a brief background as to why my heart was heavy.

I was introduced to DMT approximately 10 years ago. Still being at an immature stage in my life, I did what a lot of people do, and frantically searched for methods of procuring DMT from the sources around me. I purchased some Acacia Maidennii seeds and monitored the barren soil with impatience. I quickly came to realize that my journey with DMT was not to be taken with haste. This was a long goal, this had to have to meaning, this was not just another recreational drug, this was soul medicine. Instead of frantically searching, I started to pay more attention to the being I had in my own backyard. My maidenii had sprouted long ago, I named him Wilson. Jump forward seven years, Wilson is planted in the ground and absolutely flourishing. I talked to Wilson at least once a week and conducted many hours of university readings under his nurturing shade with his sturdy support. At a much more mature point in my life, I have a large connection to Wilson and can not imagine using his bark or phyllodes for extraction purposes. Then it hits, Cyclone Debbie caused damage and flooding throughout the property. Wilson was the least touched tree on the yard, losing only small branches. During the cleanup effort, I felt drawn to his fallen branches, although I was torn, he was not for DMT. I asked his permission and felt no negativity, I decided to do an extraction to see if Wilson did contain alkaloids as many maideniis are known to be variable. To my surprise, I got the approximated 0.2% from bark and phyllodes. I stored this and named it "Maidens Tears".

Now, being 0900, I sat directly in front of Wilson, I talked it through with him, I asked his permission and once again, felt no negativity. The sun was at my back warming me, I began to vaporize the maiden's tears when I am rushed with intensity. I almost drop my vaporizer before carefully placing it down. I am trembling and I look up at Wilson, he is beautiful in the sun. I begin to weep, apologizing for using his broken limbs for extraction. Then I hear a low earthy voice enter my saddened mind "Come close". I walk to Wilson and touch his bark, it feels intensely hot! I feel the warmth radiating from him, my eyes begin to dry because of his heat. It feels as though I am staring directly into a hair dryer. Stumbling back, holding my eyes, I hear it again, "Come close". I cautiously touch Wilson again, the heat flushes through my hand and down my arm, but I can't let go, I feel weak at the knees, I sit with my back on Wilson Like I have many times before. The heat I felt had now engulfed me, I was sweating profusely, I could taste the salt of the sweat dripping from my forehead, it felt like I should be concerned for my health, but I strangely felt... At home. I opened my burned eyes to see Wilson's branches dancing in front of me, with each wind, a new dance erupted. His branches curled like hands and waved at me, his leaves sat up, twirled and pranced along his brances with beautiful finesse. From behind, I felt like I was being embraced, as though I was sitting in an armchair that was far too soft. Then I heard a loud breathing surround me. This was disorienting at first, although, I came to realize this breathing was intuned with my own. Wilson and I were breathing together, we were one, both creatures of this incredible world, accepting each other sharing a deep love. I closed my eyes and sank into this warm embrace. I remember dreaming of the world, it was a large set of lungs, the trees were the membranes reaching from the lungs gaining life and giving without a demand in return. I awoke at approximately 0920 still surrounded by Wilson. I got to my feet and thanked him. I stayed a while staring into his bark, then I picked up my vaporizer and headed inside for a cool bath. The afterglow I felt was incredible, I was connected with nature itself, I had accessed the one worldly consciousness, no intentions, no motives, no biases, no care for skin or kin, just a loving connection to anyone who seeks it...

Thank you all reading my report, it was without a doubt, the most changing day of my life. I still have some Maiden's Tear, although, they will be used when I feel like I need to connect to Wilson again. I will not be harvesting any branches or phyllodes from him.

P.S Wilson is still doing incredibly, I talk to him almost everday.
Awesome report.

Love to read that you smoked the DMT freebase. Experiences based on solely the use of DMT have my special interest. Can't explain why, and most likely it is an idiotic idea, but I feel this is the way DMT should be taken when vaporized..
Thank you for sharing this. I actually had tears in my eyes and am so happy for you and Wilson. I hope you know the branches were for you to use. I have not experienced dmt except naturally in mediation but I am growing some teacher plants specifically to form such a co-nurturing bond. It's beautiful to see other people doing the same.

Until then I am lucky I have a part of me that stays there and I feel like I am building a relationship with all parts of creation both the animate and the inanimate they may not be able to teach us in the same manner but they as you said breath with us as one.
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