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The Nature of the Soul's Journey

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Recently, I had a flash of insight into the nature of the soul's journey. Our life, in this physical realm, is but a microcosm of the soul's journey. The soul starts off young, naive and inexperienced, then slowly matures, eventually growing old, and hopefully, wise and enlightened, after countless cycles of reincarnation.

The end of the soul's journey... that's the greater mystery. Much like death in this physical dimension, does the soul also die when it's destined time comes, and merge back into spirit from which it came?

We are all on our very own Hero's Journey...
I very much like the way you said that. I have often wondered the same thing.

I have learned to just say I don't know.

In a similar flash of insight into the nature of the soul's journey, I found that time does not exist. Past, present, and future exist all at the same time. I am already at my death. My soul is already enlightened. My soul is already with the source as you put it. It is all happening right now. In this very moment and every moment.
DmnStr8 said:
I found that time does not exist. Past, present, and future exist all at the same time. It is all happening right now. In this very moment and every moment.

This occurred to me as well, some several years ago. Nothing has happened to change this for me, since then. It remains at the core of my understanding of the structure and function of the universe. I often think of it as the singularity before "the big bang"; though I don't know that I believe in "the big bang", the still analogy holds true.
I have been starting to feel exactly the same recently. And I love hearing that others have already got there before me, as it reassures that I may be on the same path.

Time is definitely an experience in this material reality, but it would seem that it is perhaps not the same in the greater reality. It would even seem that causality for this material reality is not a closed box.

I have been beginning to feel each moment with the same ominous significance which I previously only associated with my first DMT trips, that there is no future thing which we are waiting for, that life is not filled with waiting moments whilst we wait for the evening, wait for the weekend, wait for the holiday, wait for retirement but it is NOW.

I will speak as if facts for impact (which is my style), but this is a thought and my thoughts evolve and change:

There is no "when you die", this isn't hopeful feeling to avoid death as I do not fear death, and I don't mean metaphorically. We see others grow old and die, but what if nobody actually has that in their experience, and we are just here in the NOW and waking up - as we wake up to the greater reality more possibilities open, more dimensions of experience open, and like one of Zelazny's Amberites we are navigating through probabilities rather than travelling in time - the future and past predicted by your current location shifting as you wake. The higher self is here and now, just as your physical body is when you are dreaming.

I used to feel (and actually although I try not to admit it to myself still do more deeply) that we are being irreverent by waking up to a greater reality, that this "illusion" was meant for a reason - but I now see that staying with the illusion is like the grogginess of waking up, you feel like you should continue to dream but the greater reality is starting to open to your perception. Sleep was when everything was mundane, but as you wake you realise the greater reality is the meaning and the feelings, the abstract and the ineffable and you begin to feel them more and more, feel it in every atom, every environment, every interaction.

A different me from what seems like my past is thinking that this future me has lost its mind. But nothing is lost, the focus of attention is becoming wider, and I guess waking up is perceiving more than the mind. To the past me I will probably appear to have disappeared off into madness, but the greater reality does not make sense from his perspective.

Shackles of conformity still hold me down, but I can feel them fading...
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