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The Next SHE, April


Rising Star
Hey everyone,

Okay I'm still a little new here but so far, I've loved the few DMT experiences I have had and I'd like to share it with others while in the same realm. I heard of SHE and have been wanting to post this for some time. I know a lot of people are in different time zones all over the world and it'd be rude for me to suggest say, 7pm EST, for that would mean midnight or so for the other half of the world.

Because of this, I can't recommend a time just yet. For now, I'd like to throw some dates out.

April 13th-I'm hoping to visit hyperspace a few times. If anyone decides to join me, search for my energy. If you have any experience with sensing energy, you can probably pick up on mine by reading this post. If not, ask to be shown my energy when you get to hyperspace.

April 17th-I will be visiting hyperspace once or twice this day as well. I will send out a wave of energy if possible every so often.

I'm still a beginner and have much to learn while on DMT. I have only been along for the ride, I have not yet been able to will events/actions. If I am able to do so soon, I will do the energy wave thing I mentioned on the 17th. Also, be aware that these dates are subject-to-change if others have better ideas or days for a SHE. Either way, I'll be there the 13th.

On a side note, has anyone performed such actions as sending out specific waves? If the more experienced could try this out for me? Go to hyperspace, send out a wave holding a certain color, frequency, whatever. Does it materialize? Can others see it? If so, can they follow it back to you?

Please report. Thanks for your time :)

SWIM says she's down; I'll support you all in spirit. Last time, the SHE used a wave, with everyone blasting off at 8pm local time. Don't know what other strategies have been tried.
Count me in.

In regards to the timing of the SHE, I have a recommendation. This is only an idea here: Instead of doing it at the same hour for each passing timezone, start off by having everyone doing it on UTC, and then advance the timezone two hours or so for each month SHE is scheduled. That way everyone will eventually have to go at a time when someone on the other half of the planet has gone before. Basically, a time fairness strategy, with the main feature being that the energy will (theoretically) be compounded and enhance everyones experience.
Haha I wonder if anyone has done the above. It should, could work. Maybe we should all ask to be placed in some kind of identifiable zone and everyone meets there.
Hello everyone. I have bumped into some trouble with crystallization and am not sure if I will be in hyperspace tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I will be after 4 pm EST. Maybe I'll see someone :p
If you make it in Spirit, sorry, I don't think I'll be there.

This last break through of mine, as brilliant as it is, has me completely satisfied with my current state of mind. I believe I'll be doing spice once again toward the weekend, but I somehow doubt I will be at it tomorrow. I also need to extract more :p
@WalkingSpirit & sunrise:
The SHE experiments began before I joined the Nexus. As I understand it, a number of techniques attempted to allow participants to meet in hyperspace without any success. I think more information might be available on the wiki.
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