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The notion of home and unrelated sound association recollection

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So my last trip was months ago, after introducing Dr MT to my brother for his birthday.
He also gave me a sound file he had created years ago for meditative purposes.

Firstly, I'm sure many have experienced the cosmic hug feeling that comes during the later stages of a trip, or throughout sub-breakthrough ones.
I'm curious that after losing my job and house recently, thoughts of "going home" were going through my mind. However, these thoughts I find are now associated with that cosmic hug feeling.
Is this something to do with death?
Also I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I mentioned the music that my brother had created. I have found that listening to this music now enables me to relive the experience on some level, including some visual effects and physical sensation, if I relax into it and concentrate. Possibly because I've not used this music other than with a DMT experience.
I just thought it interesting and potentially usefull that maybe if you dedicate a specific track to your trips your mind could strongly associate that audio and then recreate the environment of the trip to be examined in a sober fashion.

If anyone wants this track let me know and I'll find a way to share it. It's rather clever of my brother the way he has designed this mathematical and biologically resonant piece :)
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