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The Oregon Desert Shri Yantra landscape art

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Nexians, how cool is this story?

In 1990, Bill Witherspoon and his small team of dedicated Shree Yantra devotees (my interpretation of who the team members were, but I like that ring, Shri Yantra devotees :) designed this beautiful piece of art (a quarter mile carving!! thats 0,4km !!). It was first spotted by National Guards doing reconnaissance photos taken over the Oregon Desert. The carving was geometrically perfect (extremely hard to do just by hand drawing, even computers algorithms never get it close to perfect, as you can see above just writing the pronunciation is tricky) and it appeared overnight in a dry lake bed.

There's a documentary of this amazing man's journey (the interview itself was very good, link below)

Sri Yantra Mystery: What Happened in the Oregon Desert in the Summer of 1990? - Iowa Source

The documentary is called Sri Yantra: The Oregon Desert Mystery. . If anyone has a copy of this doccie, I would greatly appreciate the share.

What amazed me about this story is that Bill Witherspoon, said he wanted to feel what it would be like to be in the bindu (the centre) of the Shri Yantra, and he spoke about it in a very beautiful way, about creating resonant spaces. The Shri Yantra, is also known as the flower of life. Terence Mckenna calls it the chrysanthemum. The glass ceiling or "dome" most people have difficulty breaking through on smoalked dmt.

The Sri Yantra is an amazing symbol of profound significance for all true psychonauts. Dmt'esque motifs are even apparent on high doses of psilocybin and even mescaline (from my personal experience)

There is much more to tell of this tale. But for now I will leave you with link above for the interview to whet your appetite.

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peace and light,
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Please assist, how can I cancel the poll now that its over. I forgot to put a timelimit on it when I created it. Is there a way it can be removed now? Thanks to everyone who replied.
It's a very cool geosculpture!

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of responses to your poll tbh.

I don't see why the poll needs to be removed, but if you have a compelling reason talk to a forum moderator.
That's really interesting, and I can't believe I've never heard of this before.
I wasn't aware of the significance of the sri yantra to us psychonauts, so it's intriguing that I immediately selected this from a selection I was browsing. As soon as I saw it I was like, 'Yep, this is the one for me.' :d
Mustve missed this post first time round. Thanks for reviving it. Some similarities to crop circles in my country, which were all the rage and the subject of many far out theories a few years back.
That is amazing. I've never seen or heard of the Oregon sculpture before. The first time I heard of a Sri Yantra and its powerful significance is from the incredible Dr. Patrick Flanagan who created a necklace out of it and used it on the front artwork of his Crystal Energy product. If you have never heard of Dr. Patrick Flanagan before or his various inventions and products, search online. He invented a neurophone when he was a teenager, an electric audio device that transduces audio signals into electrical signals that bypass the human eardrum, allowing deaf people to hear sounds. He also created a food safe method for transforming regular water into powerful Hunza water. A man ahead of his time.
Man how did I not know about this? Super cool. Trying to dig up videos. Found a few things.


Turns out the FBI fined them each a hundred bucks and had to send letters of apology to the bureau of land management for unauthorized artwork construction. What a buzzkill, but still totally worth it for them to have that experience.

Also, looks like they are making a documentary in 2023 and it has not released yet. Here is the trailer for it, which will connect you to the youtube page they have.


They used primitive tools and ropes to get the angles perfect, an incredible feet. Some people think they used machinery, but places like primitive Peru were able to do the same things, even with slopes and hills being specific degrees of tilt. Wild stuff thanks for sharing.
Excellent, glad you guys are finding some connections here and can appreciate the depths of the yantra.

Since I have made this post I have gone much deeper into this so there are a few notes I want to add here and then provide links for anyone interested to explore this deeper on their own.

Firstly what was amazing is that Bill, the creator of the yantra said it took them quite a while to etch these lines into the desert soil, and as soon as they finished about 10 days later, a thunderstorm immediately began. Rain being quite rare in the desert this was uncanny, but what was even more uncanny was that the thunderstorm managed to seal the engraving, creating a matt like finish and allowing it to be "preserved" for about a year and a half in the soil. Eagles never before seen in the area was sighted more than three times gliding over the region of the yantra and the farmer on who land the yantra was created on found three springs on his farm over the next year. Natural springs are nothing to shrug about in the desert and finding them are indeed boons. Even vegetation returned to the area where the yantra was designed, it was almost as if nature was responding to the design. He also created the bindu, the middle of the yantra, big enough to have a temporary meditation shelter erected there, and the meditations he said were very profound in the bindu. The Shri yantra is very sacred and is considered a manifestation of the divine, that it manifests even under the influence of mind manifesting entheogens is quite startling.

Thanks Widderic for sharing about the video. Yes the documentary was released last year on Vimeo at oregondesertmystery and I managed to watch it, it contains footage from the actual contruction they did and is fascinating, to me at least. What is great is that the director of the doccie will be releasing it in its entirety on Youtube for free once they reach 1000 subcribers, they are at 941 subscribers currently. Please do subscribe and encourage others who you think will be interested in this to subscribe too, so that this awesome documentary can be available for free for anyone to see soon. Please follow the link to get to the page on youtube Oregon Shri Yantra on youtube

For a much more detailed explanation of the work and the yantra and its significance you will find online a paper Bill wrote called Art as Technology. What I like about the paper is he actually goes quite into depth on how he constructed this and other similiar landscape artworks. It is a good read, check it out and it will provide you much more info if you interested. Art as Technology V.2. Happy trails... stay blessed...
Man that's wild about the vegetation, natural springs, and eagles! I've subscribed to the channel and will report back after I've watched this. Thanks friend.
Funny how random things find you when you are not looking for them with symbology that you are attracted to. Looking for something completely different, I found a really cool wooden sauna box with a giant Sri Yantra on the front. I'm sure this device will make someone very happy. ;-)



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Wow, thank you for sharing this Mitakuye, that's a beautiful image of the Sri Yantra. Is it engraved on the wood, very tasteful. a Sauna box? I love saunas but don't have one at home, so this seems cool, instead of a small room to walk into. How does this work? Is this a portable option?

Also agree, the way things do find you is intriguing. It is sometimes called coincidence or serendipity even deja vu and it is a good indication of when one is walking on one's right path especially if it has positive feedback on one's life. Those incidences (eagles, springs, vegetation to name a few) after the completion of the Sri Yantra design in the desert could be called coincidences but it is obvious that something deeper is at work. But it is more than coincidence which is often said so that significant events can be easily dismissed. We are living in the "net of being" and every action and thought has impact.
UPDATE: The Sri yantra documentary is now available for anyone to watch on Youtube. A message from the director below.

We wanted to say thank you for all your support and share some great news…..

Our award winning film is now free and available to watch on our YouTube Channel. Viewers everywhere can now experience this empowering story of the desert Sri Yantra, and your subscription has made this possible!

The mystery of the largest earth carving ever created of the Sri Yantra design found in the Oregon Desert is revealed. Its geometrically perfect creation is a story for all the ages.

Your link to this incredible story:

Please enjoy and feel free to share this story with friends and family.

Jim Ansley
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