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the origins of language

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im sure that many of you have read about or even encountered the language of song when in a breakthrough
Terrence Mckenna writes about the "helping spirits" singing a language that creates objects and sounds like jibberish
i've just read about SWIM meeting a spirit and it spoke this language and SWIM saw the alphabet of this word changing into every alphabet ever and one distinguishable alphabet was Greek, the word read: XAEON, Xakeon, or Xaikeon.

the fact that SWIM saw this clearly makes me want to study the origin of language but I can't find anything online
if anyone has any knowledge of this i would appreciate it

Also, being a musician, i have heard of shamans chanting in order to make one feel a certain way and these chants are learned from the "helping spirits" of the spirit world

shamans have said that they traded something to learn these songs of giberish

somehow i think that "spaeking in tongues" (in the religious sense) has evolved from this

what i need to know is has anyone heard one of these songs or expeienced this language while in the spirit plane
we watch language being born every single day of our lives.
Without aranging or orchestrating anything, have the words 'september the 11th' not gotten some special meaning for each of us, spontaneaously?
xaeon said:
Also, being a musician, i have heard of shamans chanting in order to make one feel a certain way and these chants are learned from the "helping spirits" of the spirit world

shamans have said that they traded something to learn these songs of giberish

somehow i think that "spaeking in tongues" (in the religious sense) has evolved from this

what i need to know is has anyone heard one of these songs or expeienced this language while in the spirit plane

This made me think. Is it possible that speech itself evolved from incoherent gibbering? Looking at the psychological development of an child you can draw up parallels. A baby, before learning language, will Babel. It will voice every possible sound needed for any human language. As it learns to speak it becomes more consistent and coherent according to its development. Given this pattern, I would suppose human evolution would follow the same. Our ancestors making random noises and their offspring repeating noises. This would continue over thousands of generations until we get a relatively concise method of communication.

Now, this isn't a very original idea. Reading it, I would suppose many theories follow and elaborate on these very lines, but I speculate as to whether mind altering substances could have "inspired" us to speak. I think of a child hearing what are to them incomprehensible sounds, but to us is ordinary language. In this vain, God (humor me, for lack of a better term and the analogy of "The Father") could have spoken to our "mute" ancestors with what to us are incomprehensible sounds, but to "it" is perfectly clear. We would repeat these sounds and learn from them to evolve from using senseless babbling to coherent articulation.
it's very clear: random noises or gestures become associated with certain events and in time this accumulates into language.
I mentioned the events of september the eleventh 2001, because this would be a clear example of how this proces works: you have an event everybody has witnessed and without arranging or organizing it, the words 'september the 11th' have become loaded with the meaning of what happened on that day, for everybody. That's how sounds become associated with a certain meaning, and how everybody egree's on that meaning without having to discuss it first. It just spontaneously happens.
Monkees have special sounds for different types of predator as well.
I don't know, really, but on an LSD trip I got a special type of synaesthesia: as I spoke out loud certain words of my mother tongue, I could "taste" these words and feel what they mean in the inner realms. It was quite clear to me then that these words were "channeled" down from those realms, they are manifestations of the corresponding spiritual concept in the form of language.

Interestingly, not all words had such an effect (I guess the newer words didn't). The words I found really "moving" are frequently used in Hungarian folk tales. (It might be that I imprinted these meanings when I listened to these tales as a child.)
My 50 cent...

The language is the byproduct of the Mushroom.
Try: Terrence K. McKenna: Food of the Gods. Etc.
Henry J. Munn: Mushrooms of language.

The name of the chants is ,icaro´ (Quechua)
I also beleive certain sounds, words, phrases etc are vibrational representations of certain energy configurations from other planes of reality.

I had this teaching once last year on a deep salvia trip.
I was given a phrase which I repeated as I came back to normality. I wrote it down. It was like something from another language. Unfortunately I lost the piece of paper with the phrase on it!!
the word xaeon comes from something i read about SWIM on a breakthrough of spice, was being told this word in all different languages and ones that were not languages, yet it was still so clearly "xaeon" or xaikon these are greek basses for a very long period of time,
ive always said that it doesnt matter what you say its how you say it i.e. you say to your dog, when he pisses inside, in a disapointed tone "flashlight!" and your dog will understand the dissapointment in your voice, not the word you said.

i think this is true for all language

can someone back me up?
Very interesting...

XAIKON is a pretty rare word, not something you can find in many ancient Greek texts.

Let's try and find its origins.

The fact that you saw this specific word is so intriguing to me for a good reason:
XAIKON ("χαίκον" in Greek, pronounced "chekon" ) is a lost word.. And what I mean by that is that it became XAIPON ("χαίρον" in Greek, pronounced "cheron" ) since the earliest texts we have recovered. I, for once, have encountered it as XAIKON in only one text.

This transformation of words was not a rare phenomenon in ancient Greece, since many dialects where at play. Like THALATTA, that became THALASSA.

Now if what you saw was XAIPON ("cheron", our "P" is your "R", and our "X" is your "CH"-like "H" but more harsh ), then it would not have been so strange a fact. But if indeed what you saw was XAIKON, AND it was in Greek, then its no less peculiar than a dude seeing a forgotten Aramaic word.

NOW. For the part that interests you. Its meaning..

XAIKON means "the one that is rejoicing", or "something that is happy, glad, satisfied" and its gender is "it". Pretty interesting, huh mates?
XAIKON became XAIPON, and we still use the word XAPA ("chara" ) nowadays, which means happiness.


If the alphabet on which this word was written was Greek, then it is very possible that ΧΑΙΚΟΝ was actually ΧΑΙΚΩΝ. Now I suspect you won't be able to view these words that I write in Greek, due to codepage issues.
If that is the case, then imagine the difference between the two words I wrote:
The first word is what you said you saw: XAIKON. (-written here with latin characters. )
The second word I wrote was exactly the same, with the difference that instead of an "O", it had an Omega. Omega is like an O with an underscore beneath it.

If that is the case, then its meaning is the same, but its gender is male.

Other encounterings of this word in ancient Greek language include:
~The name of a Olympic athlete, a winner particularly.
~The name of a local hero of the ancient city Cheronea (XAIPONIA), from whom the city got its name. The aleged hero was believed to be the son of the god Appolo, and the mortal woman Thiro. His name was ΧΑΙΡΩΝ ("cheron" ). Here is a link to Cheronea on a map: 38°29'40.0"N 22°50'40.0"E . You ought to visit this place now if you go to Greece.

And something a little dimmer:
~The name of the mythological figure Charon (ΧΑΡΩΝ), or Charos. This dude was the guy who took the dead souls on his boat, and transported them through the river Acheron to the underworld. In order to get transported you HAD to pay this guy one Ovolus (ancient coin ). If you did not have one with you, then you were condemned to wonder in the river's edges for one hundred years. THIS is why ancient Greeks used to place on Ovolus coin beneath the dead peoples tongues before they buried them. Charos today means "the grimreaper".

~I've also encountered this word in an ancient text, "Ecthesis Chronica and Chronicon Athenarum", although I can't translate its exact meaning for the life of me. It talks about some XAIKON lords. Beats me, this one.

Bottom line, the first interpretation of this word seems the fittest. So rejoice, mate, for this is a good thing to be told.

Anybody else having similar linguistic encounters in hyperspace, please do share. Too interesting to just let it slide. I think you all know why (~remember our big bet~ )...

I hope this helped, or at least intrigued someone. Take care mates, see you on the flip side...


~Edit: For any of you Greek speaking dudes reading this, keep in mind that I have replaced the Omega letters with "O"s in many cases, to prevent codepage issues.
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