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The philosophy of my heteronym

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I'd like to share with you an audiobook, read by me and my wife. It's about taoism, stoicism and panpsychism/pantheism, all wrapped up in a series of texts/aphorisms.

So, why did I choose to use a heteronym? Not so much to be anonymous, but more because of the symbolism of ego death. I believe that to speak of profound experiences and insights, one has to die metaphorically, since those lessons were apprehended firstly and precisely because of ego death. But if one resists, one will die even harder. That is, one has to be, necessarily, something else. Dying to be something else is what one does when speaking of what Is. Example: "God" doesn't speak of reality. We and all things do, which are, as if, heteronyms of God.

Anyway, if you are interested to venture the limits of rationality to enter the incomprehensible and listen to the laughable attempt of Its description, I guess you will like this audiobook.

I hope you enjoy!
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