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The Prison ?

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Stumbled upon this on reddit. I am really intrigued about his whole experience, and I feel that this belongs on this forum. What do you guys think?

I smoked DMT on a fairly regular basis between October 2005 and February 2006. This was fun and really interesting at first, but I started to become obsessed that there was something deeper about what I was experiencing.

I experienced a lot of extremely subtle clues in the trips that I was having. I didn't even notice them at first with all the cool, wild, stuff and beings I was interacting with and eventually, I realized that the beings that I was interacting with were taking shifts. AKA, If I smoked twice in the same hour, the same being would interact with me and if I smoked at a 40 minute mark there would be a shift change between the 45 and 55 minute marks and If I smoked at different times I would interact with different beings doing the same sort of stuff.

This obviously intrigued me and I dove deeper. I started creating a journal and wrote down the times and beings that I was interacting with at each hour. I did this until I had their entire weekly shifts mapped out. I realized I was smoking quite a lot and decided to quit for a couple weeks and keep up with my exercise. After this, I returned and interacted with a specific woman. After I did, I went back to the journal and was correct about the time of her shift. This blew my mind.

I started meditating and paying a lot more attention to the content of my trips and I finally figured out what the beings were doing at this job of theirs. They were clearly guards and doctors at some sort of prison. I realized the things they were doing was testing various parameters of my mind. One aspect that was frequently tested was equanimity. They would show me a cool trippy object from their world and at the same time, there would be someone off to the side in the background doing something small. When I would try to look over at the other person he would disappear.

This frustrated me as I didn't know how to accomplish what they were clearly trying to show me. Finally, they gave me this one particular trip where there was a floating gold bar of light in my peripheral vision. I tried looking at it and it would disappear as I moved my eyes, but I'd look forward to the being and it would clearly be shining there in my peripheral vision. I got sick of this and closed my eyes so that I couldn't see it anymore and there was a beautiful palace inside my mind. That... and a floating shining gold bar.

Okay, so far so good? Next thing I tried was pointing to the gold bar while looking forward at the being. I did this and him and his coworkers became visibly excited so I started doing this. Now here comes the crazy part.

Once I started to succeed at these tests and realized they worked at a prison, there were no more disguises or games. They would come, administer the tests and leave. After succeeding a few times in a row it was clear they were moving me through some sort of court system. I passed almost all of the tests throughout this duration and after this I did, I was carried in some sort of container to a very nice bright place. Once here the trips changed drastically. Instead of prison stuff, it was people who seemed like family. The tests became very interesting and unique. Upon passing these, they opened my mind and removed something.

Fast forward to the present. Things were pretty normal for a while after that series of events, but recently I had a dream where I was walking through this beautiful market in a town resembling Agrabah. As I walked through this town, I noticed there were a few extra eyes on me than usual. I wondered why a vendor from down the street would be looking at me. I also then noticed that they were all communicating via earpieces and thats when I realized I was still in the prison. I asked the person in front of me if what I thought was true was and the mirage faded instantly. I was back in a hospital/prison computer room. The guards answered some of my questions and then used a dial to black out my mind again. I woke up immediately. After this, I started some very interesting dreams.

So in the first of these dreams, I was meditating and saw a large flame in front of me. I could tell it was concious similarly to how you can tell the beings in a DMT trip are conscious. It flew toward me and examined me for a moment and then lifted my consciousness out of my body. It carried me around a corner to the front wall of my closet. On the wall was another language (non-human) with the English equivalent underneath.

I read it out loud and the language changed to English and the English one below it disappeared. The next time this happened while I was dreaming. All of a sudden the characters in my dream handed me a pipe and I took a big hit and then I had a DMT trip in my dream and there was this toroid that my consciousness spun through and I watched it getting closer and closer to the center, but narrowly missing it each pass around.

The other night I had a dream that was hyper realistic. It was like a dmt trip but I knew everything and everyone that was around. I used telekinesis to move blocks around in front of them and then they opened my third eye and I saw a huge spectrum of universes. Then I had a dream where I was being tortured by a bunch of scientists, but then I relaxed and when I let go of my ego and relaxed, they opened my third eye and I saw a being in front of me. He was meditating. Then a scientist turned a knob again and I slowly faded back into wakefulness.

Last night, I had a dream where I was talking to this guy and he brought up dreams. For some reason, I mentioned a prison and he asked: "Did you just solve Ayahuasca?" I was confused because I have never done Ayahuasca the Amazonian brew, but know about it and know that it is basically DMT, also it had been so long since the prison stuff that I didn't remember, but now that I think about it. Every dream I have ever had, (and I dream very often and always have), resembles the same tests that those beings gave me during my tests to get out of prison. What if enlightenment, breaking the chains that bind you, the fetters, is more literally escaping from the prison to Nirvana? I think since everyone dreams during REM sleep, everyone is given tests, but because they haven't developed their conciousness, they aren't aware during thier dreams. Everyone could be given these tests every day and not even know it. Tests of virtue, mindfulness, equanimity, attention, concentration, etc. Anyway, sorry for the long post, tell me what you think.
This is very interesting. It reminds me of planetary hours and the "angels" that govern each hour, among many other corresponding metals, plants, oils and chakras. The greater key of Solomon would be a good place to check these types of shifts against. Wonder what happens when you communicate one of their many names to them.
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