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The psychedelic supermarket

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My freind broke through last night for the very first time and O MY GOD he was blown away by the sheer beauty and life and colour of the journey, he describes it as the pinnacle of drug experiences and conciousness exploration. However, realises that this is only one peak of the DMT hyperspace landscape, maybe only a minor one at that! Below is his account.

After the initial physical rush and auditory ringing had gone i found myself amazed by the sea of geometric patterning and variety of different directions these shapes were going in.

Moving closer and further away, just a very complex display of incredibly perfect vibrant colour, blue being a dominant colour, morphing and interchanging and rotating and twisting in a hypnotic manner. Each of these shapes had symbols on, alien like, similar to cave paintings but more detailed. After a couple of seconds the landscape changed to a tunnel where I accelerated through at an exilirating yet comfortable speed. This tunnel came to an end at what can only be cdescribed as a supermarket entrance.

This was not your average supermarket, for one only the sliding doors of entrance/exit could be seen. Secondly there was what can only be described as a psychedelic alien decoration changing colour with the different layers rotating and morphing. Captivating. At roughly 3 or 4 foot eye level inside the supermarket from behind this ornament I observed a mother pushing a pram across the sliding doors.

It seemed a peaceful place and the mother didnt know I was there, I was at this point bewildered and trying to figure out where I was. Before I had a chance to orientate myself I was back with eyes open observing the curtains changing colours and each individual pleat moving up and down independently with mesmerizing fluency, the colours again were breathtaking, the room was dark but the curtains were illuminated.
After amusing myself watching the trails my hands were making I returned to baseline repeating the word WOW over again. The mother was a significant part of my trip because at a sub breakthrough level a previous day I noticed the pyscedelia forming the outline of a mother and pram but they didnt materialise. Sorry if it seems garbled its the first time ive written it down i'll try and tidy it up later. :D
Weird archetype, the supermarket. I wonder what it was trying to tell you? Or maybe those aliens love have intergalactic malls and don't mind a spot of shopping now and then again too. :lol:
Lol maybe maybe! Im wondering wether it was a regression to a very early memory. Cool though whatever it was. I'll have to see if i go back there next time.
I had a trip not too long ago that consisted of flying through an intensely psychedelic futuristic cityscape. I gained speed flying through the streets and eventually found myself in what kind of reminded me of a gas station, but instead of gas it was some kind green liquid, possibly carbonated, possibly a beverage? I probably should've tried it. Oh well.
T.McKenna mentioned visions of supermarkets after consuming an ayahuasca potion(sans NN, I believe) that he brought back from one of his expeditions.Might be in the Archaic Revival.
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