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The purple desert planet.

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Rising Star
Almost two weeks later since my last full blown trip and the spirit molecule continues to amaze me. Unlike last time I eased my way in. I witnessed a clocklike formation of geometric shapes moving inside my bed and eventually my reality started to become alive. I was going in and out of it so a spirit in the air and more around me told me to take more. I took another hit and my room turned into the most beautiful purple desert planet with sand and gorgeous dark blue sky. Was I looking out to space while sitting on sand of this planet? My last trip was quite scary filled with almost dark like spirits and a very fierce energy but this showed my soul something it could never have imagined to see. As the desert went away my room turned back into different array of moving shapes and strange patterns but this time I could see in the corner of my eye a spirit standing like a statue to my right and another one felt like it attached itself to my right arm. Just like the last trip my blanket which was folded and tossed to the side became a animal like spirit so once again there were three spirits. I believe it’s possible I took too hard and fast of hits last time which may have results in darker spirits forcing their way in but easing my way in this time may have brought more peaceful ones. I am very curious how full blown reality breakthroughs will be out in nature will be such as the beach, Forrest or mountains.
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