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The Pyramid Method

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In step 1, mix until the salt has dissolved and the bark is well mixed in.

You should be able to just mix by swishing with the amount of spare volume in the flask at this stage.

In fact, I never use a spoon at the NPS stage, I just invert the flask ( I have a glass stopper in mine and keep my thumb over it ) about twenty times, in a steady non frantic rhythm, so that the NPS and base get mingled thoroughly. Then wait ten mins or so for it to separate and start again.

If I've warmed things, then I'll be aware that mixing can introduce the NPS to hotter liquid and cause vapour pressure to build, as it was warmed from the bottom of the flask and the NPS is sitting on top.
So I'll carefully 'burp' the flask before and after the first inversion and after each inversion until I feel no pressure from NPS vapour any more when I loosen my thumb from the stopper. I wear rubber gloves for this as the caustic soup is liable to spurt out a little if not careful. To minimise this, let the flask stand upright for a few seconds so there is less soup around the stopper. Also just don't let it get too hot, and definitely not anywhere near the boiling point of your NPS.

The nasty scenes of dye covered kitchens you may have seen must have been from screw lid jars being heated too much with low BP NPS in them I reckon.

It's amazing how many details suddenly seem important when describing something isn't it! :)

Anyway, the above is my way of suggesting that stirring for two minutes may not be mixing the NPS into your base soup enough as you seem to be getting very low yields. Shaking it vigorously can give you an emulsion, so try in between as described above.

You seem perhaps a little fixated on finding the "one simple true way", but, as with life, there are several routes, each with their own drawbacks and advantages.

For instance, you can (eventually) get all the DMT out by mixing the NPS only slightly, it's very emulsion safe, but will take many pulls of smaller amounts of NPS to get there as the surface area of NPS in contact with the base is minimised that way. Shaking vigorously will maximise the surface area of NPS in contact with base, but can lead to emulsions so the NPS won't all settle back out again. So go somewhere in between :)

Good luck!
Because I'm a DMT novice who hasn't taken Chemistry since 2007, I have to simplify everything. I don't know what NPS means. To simplify what I'm going to be doing, here goes:

1. In an 1L Erlenmeyer flask, mix 50g MHRB, 300ml de-ionized H20, and 30g of potassium chloride (the salt) until all the salt has dissolved and the bark is well mixed in.

2. Slowly and gradually add in 15g of potassium hydroxide (the salt) over the course of 10 minutes without stirring aggressively. The solution will heat up.

3. While the solution is hot, shake in 50ml of Ronsonol by inverting the flask in a steady, non-frantic rhythm 20 times, with 10 minutes in between each time. After each inversion, "burp the flask" by opening the lid to release pressure, in order to prevent pressure buildup.

4. Allow 30 minutes for the 2 layers to separate.

5. Pull with a turkey baster into a glass jar. (I don't know how to measure my pulls, like you do - those precise mathematical measurements - so I'm only going to use 1 jar, to simplify the process. I hope that's ok). Well, I guess I could measure the pulls with the graduated cylinders I just bought.

6. Rest the jar for an hour to allow any debris/water to settle. Slowly pour the jar into 3 freezer dishes.

7. Freezer magic: give the 3 freezer dishes 24 hours to freeze-precipitate (with the lids on) in a separate freezer that contains no food. You can buy an upright freezer and put it out on the balcony, in the garage, in the basement, etc.

8. Solvent recovery: the act of removing the solvent from the product, and capturing it so that it can be re-used. In other words, take the 3 freezer dishes out of the freezer and drain off the excess Ronsonol into a glass jar, because it is re-usable. Secure the lid on. Flip the 3 freezer dishes over, and prop them up with a book with a dishcloth underneath so that any remaining Ronsonol can drain off. I leave them like this for 72 hours in my laundry room on top of my washer and dryer, with the fan on.

9. Give the product a sniff test to see it still smells like solvent. It shouldn't, after 3 days of drying!

10. Scrape off the product with a straightedge blade.

11. Test that it is DMT. (How should I test that it is DMT?). Don't smoke it unless you are 100% certain.

This photo was my yield when I tried my original recipe for The Pyramid Method, and I'm 100% certain that's not DMT. I don't know what it is, but I'm definitely not going to smoke it. All my extractions attempts were unsuccessful.

Yes, I'm fixated on figuring out the easiest way to extract DMT.

Frac4, thanks for your help with Step #3.


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I see. Thanks. :lol:

Hopefully this recipe yields better results.

I love reading and writing recipes. I think I'm a good recipe-writer (in terms of the writing), but I have yet to extract successfully. But...I'm determined. I miss those entities I met over the summer.
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