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The Real Singularity is Now

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The Real Singularity is Now.
Not in the past, nor in the future.

Eternity awaits us, for time can be stopped.
This is because experience is time.
Magnify conscious experience, time slows down -
we realize that reality is somehow infinite in its depth.
(From Book: Magic Mushroom Explorer, by Simon G Powell)

The only viable option it seems to me is eternal vigilance,
because in reality there is no end, no beginning - these are concepts we should discard,
for these ideas compel us to seek something beyond Now, which is all there is, and not even so.
There is not even eternity -
nothing whatsoever on which to cling.
You are 'the void' and not even so.
Be gone with thyself!


As a side note:

I've noticed that the more intense my energies develop over the course of my semen conservation practice the faster time seems to speed by. Yet, simultaneously, I am not a loss to explain what I did during this time. It's not a blackoutness, but a vivid everythingness that increases proportionally (with ups and downs of course but over the long run the trend is positively sky bound) the longer I keep up my practice. I'm extremely productive, but without desiring to be. When I want to move I move without hesitation. When I want to sit and watch, I can do so without having had to feel like I planned to. I'm finding out I've been trying to control my breathing way too much during meditation. It's curious. I feel as though I'm disappearing to myself, and you might think that is saying too much, and you would be right.

These experiences lead me to the idea (just an idea) that one's perception of time is related to the intensity of one's energies. If you are enjoying yourself in life you are not wondering what time it is or where else you should be other than where you are now. If energies are feeble or otherwise suboptimal then you won't be as thrilled to invest what energies you do have into whatever it is you are or want to be doing. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly obvious to me how important it is we pay attention to how we manage our energies. Why didn't they teach us this stuff when we were children?

Whether we are talking about different types of energy currencies such as money management, time management, sex energy management, etc, it makes no difference - the principle is the same. Biological or abstract, awareness of what comes in and what goes out depends not so much as paying attention to what comes in as to what goes out, if you know what I mean. Life comes from within, from a center outward, all by itself. Get out of your own way and it'll happen. It's that way with money, and it's the same with deciding what to concentrate on (Steve Jobs once said "success is about saying no!"), and it also seems to be the same, with what little experience I've accumulated so far, with what happens to our base, or sexual, energies, when simply conserved combined with mental discretion and mindfulness.

The energy just seems to build and invest itself into whatever by itself, or as the Chinese would say in their language, "self-so". All you have to do is say no.

I found a quote recently that, though so simple, was for me on the level of a revelation.

"He who cannot obey himself will be commanded." - Nietchze.


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Great topic, Anamnesia!

Very synchronistic, as I was trying to write down what "time" means to me last night...

The thing with the past is it's constantly trailing behind
The future ahead which we walk into blind
So being in the NOW is what we truly should know
while completely letting the other two go

I haven't tried writing poetry for ages, but I found it satisfying to try put my thoughts into some sort of poetic order.

I really like your ideas on how our perception of time effects our energies. I find it really important to be mindful of current thoughts and therefore keeping the ego at bay. Putting too much energy into the past or future just gets messy, as we have no control over them.

This topic also reminds me of a paragraph from the book "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" -

"...And a feeling of timelessness, the feeling that what we know as time is only the result of a naive causality - the notion that A in the past caused B in the present, which will cause C in the future, when actually A,B, and C are all part of a pattern that can be truly understood only by opening the doors of perception and experiencing it... in this moment... the supreme moment"

One thing that boggles my mind is that although we only consider today 24 hours long, collectively humans will experience 7 billion something days, all within today. And throw in all the other conscious things in the universe, and how much experience was experienced within this single earth revolution? 0.0

"If time were space history would be a cobweb"...

I love the drawing to by the way
I love your poem DoingKermit! It's wonderful. I could hear your voice distinctly.
And just to clarify, it's our energies that affect our perception of time, not the other way around. I think you got the point anyway though. :thumb_up:

Frustrating isn't? The "supreme moment", Now is nowhere to be found if one is under delusion of the belief that it, the present moment, is anywhere to be found. It's like trying to see the transparent lens of my own eyes. I find often that when I "try" to meditate, something in me screams, "idiot!", because I'm trying to command something that is such by itself, not something that can be 'object'ified and grabbed onto by commanding it by making a decision to pay attention to it. There's no one there to command it nor any-'thing' to be commanded! Reality is right before us, but our attempt to see it (find it) is what occludes us from truly being it.

universecannon: what an interesting thought! That is truly staggering to contemplate. I love that quote by Mckenna, I can still hear his hysterical laughter as he "laid it onto his audience" lmao. There is something in that one line that I've yet to put my finger on - I can't tell if it's just a play on words or if there is something deeply deeply and eerily mysterious and profound about it.

If experience is time, as the author I quoted above stated,
and keeping in mind what you mentioned about the sheer probably infinite magnitude of experiences across the tides of forever, then history... a cobweb, history? a web? a web? Webs grow and wither, webs grow and wither. Eventually, isn't it true, all record of the past fades out into oblivion. If true, the future must fade into oblivion also. I don't know!

Thank you for your comment on the drawing :)
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