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The Room

Migrated topic.
(mind)Set: calm, collected
(physical condition) Set: relaxed
Setting (location): my dorm room, on my bed under covers
time of day: first dose was 10:30pm, then second dose was 12:30am
recent drug use: coffee at 11am, <1mg alprazolam 12pm
last meal: California steak burrito (steak, sour cream, guacamole, fries, etc) with tortilla chips and a tall glass of water at around 7pm

Gender: M
body weight: 158lb/71kg
known sensitivities: unknown
history of use: definitely novice. Have had only one experience prior, which was last week


Substance(s): 35% changa
Dose(s): 30mg, 60mg
Method of administration: smoked each one in one big hit from a bong


Administration time: 10:30pm for the first dose, 12:30am for the second dose
Duration: First dose lasted ~10 minutes, second dose was ~20 minutes
Intensity (overall): First dose: 1; Second dose: 3(use HRS-like scale i.e. 0-4: 0 = "Not at all;" 1 = "Slightly;" 2 = "Moderately;" 3 = "Quite a bit;" 4 = "Extremely.")
Evaluation / notes: Pretty sure the MAOIs from the first hit were coursing through me and potentiated the second hit

Pleasantness: 3
Implesantness: 0
Visual Intensity: First dose: 2; Second dose: 3


Hangover: 0
Afterglow: 4; I've felt on top of the world


Wow. What can I even fucking say.

Hi y'all. I'm new, not only here, but to this substance. This night was my second usage of the substance. I had recently acquired a scale so I wanted to experiment with dosage to compare to my first experience where I had eyeballed (totally unprepared for that experience, but that's for another time). I'll get right into the report.

10:30PM -The 30mg was way less than when I had eyeballed. After I torched the whole bowl and cleared the bong, I immediately started to get that familiar vibration and buzzing sound, though it certainly wasn't as intense as my previous trip. But I was okay with that, I wanted to feel this substance out and determine experimentally what dosage led to what sensations. I reached over to pull the blanket over my body and lay in bed, and as I reached over I saw my arm make after images. I kept my eyes open and stared at my ceiling. My room has LED lights on the opposite wall, so as I stared at the ceiling I saw fractals and patterns emerge but nothing too intense. I remember closing my eyes and seeing cool 3D lines and geometrical patterns shifting and changing. But that was the gist of it. I came down and felt happy with what I experienced.

12:30AM - This one is a lot harder to remember, but there is one highlight I wanted to share with y'all. Same old story. Loaded the bong, torched the bowl, and cleared the bong. This time I came very close to coughing but managed to hold it all in for at least 10 seconds. Felt that familiar buzzing and vibration, this time MUCH stronger. I think I heard the carrier wave like my first time, but regardless I reached over to pull my blanket over me and prepared for takeoff. This was hitting me hard, and this is where it gets fuzzy. I remember entering a dimly lit room with checkerboard patterned walls, ceiling, and floor. It was kind of like tile, but with a reddish hue to everything. The tiles were red, orange, black, and green, maybe other colors but it's hard to be certain. There were definitely other beings in the room, humanoid beings. There were potentially objects in the room, and though I'm uncertain I think there was a couch. The whole scene gave me a 70s retro/psychedelic vibe. These beings were here to show me what I could only understand as pure pleasure/sensation. It is very hard to describe their intentions. They certainly weren't 100% positive, but they weren't negative either. It was more neutral than anything. I felt like the new one in the room and that they were going to guide me/force me into this pure sensation. It felt almost perverted, not quite sexual, but definitely like we were doing something no one else does, but anyone who goes into this room had to do (if that makes sense). One important thing to note here is that I experienced this exact same situation on my first eyeballed trip! It took me a while to come to that realization, but yes I saw these beings and entered the same room the first time! That is really cool to me, and I think it has some significance. This was just the beginning of the trip, and everything else is a blur. I was launched into hyperspace from there. As I was coming back, I realized that I totally forgot that I ever existed in actual reality. It was wild and indescribable.

My purpose in writing this trip report is mostly to share with y'all that particular tidbit of the room. I want to know if anyone else has experienced anything like that. It is really interesting that I forgot it happened during my first trip, and interesting that it happened again in my second trip.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for having me as part of your community. I can't wait to read and share more as I journey with you all.
Great trip report!

It always feels familiar to me! Although I have never had two identical journeys I have noticed overlapping themes and similarities. It is always amazing to forget you are human!! It is an awesome experience when my consciousness is 're-uploaded' back into the body who is me currently! It all seems like it's all a choice!

AMAZING STUFF!! :shock: :surprised 😁 :lol:
One important thing to note here is that I experienced this exact same situation on my first eyeballed trip! It took me a while to come to that realization, but yes I saw these beings and entered the same room the first time! That is really cool to me, and I think it has some significance.
:lol: Welcome to hyperspace!
Thank you, I'm very excited to see what else will be revealed to me. The only hard part is exercising my willpower to not go back in too soon 😁 I have quite a bit left for many many trips, but I know I need to take time to integrate what I have already experienced.
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