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the sadness of an empty dish

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Finished up extraction of acrb with cybs.
Just looked at my dish today with much excitement, to be smacked down to disappointment.

I cant think of anything that was done differently from my last extraction, I was granted +1.7% from the same batch.

Now that I'm typing it a new can of Klean Strip vm&p naptha was used...

It has been sitting for about 2 days in an area that is cold but not freezing. That wasn't a problem last time as the last dish was abundant with large crystals, then i froze it for 24 hours.

Any ideas? Maybe I did somthing dumb with out noticing.
Ill put up a picture of the newest dish for kicks :p



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yah U gO, that could be it, think ill salavge what i can and give it another go. i thought it was kinda funny havning high expectations n all :surprised

ill post up when i get around to doing it again
an empty dish happened to me too just reuse the soup base more and try to pull again...
if the bark came from the same batch as one that gives you yeld IMHO is the only possibility...
care about heat the naptha enough and to stir/roll for long enough.
think ill toss in 15g of lye, and see how it goes :)
im gona guess theres not much in my mini ab container, i did 5 pulls of about 60ml or so from that
usually who perform extractions put in the soup the same amount of bark and lye
example 100 g bark 100 g lye
I havnt put that much into the soup before, 100g acrb, ussualy do 60g lye. adding 40g lye seems like alot, i didn't know it was common to do 1:1 with that. I've only gone with cybs, ill try 40g lye and see how that goes. Maybe a little later today or tomorrow ill be able to get around to it. thanks U gO for the fun correspondence.
It would be a good thing to check the ph of your aqueous solution. Ph strips are good enough for that purpose.
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