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the sounds of hyperspace

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i was reading another post about the robotic squelch like audibles that begin the launch to inner space. i always hear the same pattern of these sounds so one day i got the idea to listen to the radio signals from outer space. in case you didn't know the planets moons galaxies ext. give off signals that can be converted to audio files. these sounds are very identical to peoples descriptions of what they hear when "going in".

i found it interesting that most people have a unique "song" and i set out to see if i could find mine through these archived radio transmissions. the strange thing is that i succeeded! i found it on a clip from youtube titled the sounds of the universe. i don't mean its kind of close to what i hear, i mean its dead on what i hear! i believe the spice can lift the filter our brains have evolved with and our higher self is able to pick up these transmissions.

another good question is why do we each have a different song? are we connected to different galaxies or stars frequncies for some reason?
hmmmmm.... just some things ive observed and wonder about.

olympus mon
Yes the Human Soul can soar as far as the scaffolding of all is willing to support.
From the tops of pyramids a waypoint is inflicted and casts eyes throughout the times.
You may ride the galactic wind if you choose to let go and flow with the pure transmission.
You may also listen to the operational sounds of yourself, revealing anything you want to know
in terms of healing. What should be done,
will be known.

i should be more clear. not everyone hears these sounds upon lift off but a lot of people do. i didn't even notice i heard them till i read about someone describing them then the next journey i did i was shocked!!!! holy shit its been there the whole time but i never consciously noticed it!

so to answer the question. yes some people hear the same bleepy, squelchy, computery sounds i referred to as their "song". check out youtube "sounds of the universe" for an example.
olympus mon - First and foremost, welcome to The Nexus my brother and confidant! This place is special and I know you will be a great addition to this community.

There is a sounds thread as a sub-forum to the enigmaticus. Here's the link:

I think you'll find many references to exactly what you're referring to there. I in fact posted a link to a really cool .edu site that has captured many of the sounds of the universe. Perhaps your particular "song" is there as well...?

I have been learning to work with these noises, for they are the noises that my body mind and soul make in hyperspace. I learn more about the symphony every time I hear it, and where in my body the noises are referring to.

and yes...welcome! I was a little too drunk last night to throw that in :]

Internal navigation of healing...it's beautiful. Intentions (+FOCUS) are what draw the line between the self and the alien.

Yes the sounds of hyperspace are quite incredible! SWIM usually hears buzzing electric sounds, like a short circuit, also reminding of insect sounds, or laser shots haha. And on the background, there is like a ' static' sound, like of untuned tvs, and in this sound its as if it includes all the other sounds that exist.

Like when people sample random things in electronic music, but in a scale far greater, with infinite combination of ' samples'. From this flowing river of "everything" sounds, it seems to be possible to pick up coherent patterns, which could be like a whole song, for example. Maybe even one that doesnt exist, maybe some that do exist, and much more!

Quite crazy stuff.. SWIM gets these sounds also with pharmahuasca a lot, and once got similar things even with mushrooms (though it had a hard to define distinct quality to it)
Welcome to the nexus man. This is a great community with great people and I think you will find it very comfortable here.

Out of all of my close friends that spice I am the only one that gets this sound. I really think that this music is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. It starts as a tone, but then evolves into something more.

What is strange is I have had this with mushrooms also. I once took 3.5 grams of rue then 7 grams of mushrooms. It was one wild ride that night. That was the first night I had ever heard this noise and this was long before I had ever heard of dmt. When I first had the experience the only way I could explain it was that it was like a fractal of sound. The tone would start but as it got louder it got more detailed and it was like listening to a fractal. I don't really know how that is possible but that is what it was like.

I really like your idea of each of us tuning into a different celestial body. This makes a lot of sense and I would like to look more into it. I think I will search for my song.

Again welcome.

~Peace Out
Kungpow - I like your analogy of "listening to a fractal"! I've never thought of it like that, but now that you mention it I think this is an excellent analogy. A "sound fractal" or "audio fractal"... It makes sense in that a fractal is just a complex algorithm of repeating patterns, so in concept there is no reason why it couldn't be tied to audio patterns as well as visual patterns.

Nature and the universe is made up of fractals everywhere we look, so I can certainly see the potential of audio fractals being emitted by celestial bodies.

That's some good stuff thar fellas! ;)

thank you all for the warm welcomes,
i also like the idea of "audio fractals" (hmmm we might need to add that to the lexicon). i think that everything in creation including creation itslef is a fractal. one time i had this realization while on mushrooms. i saw the fractal pattern in everything from weather to society to human personalities and character flaws! so why not sound!
good stuff indeed.
Wow, I never stopped to think about it but the "song" is one of the best parts for a skunk I know. He is very interested in hearing if yours is like his... Would you be able to post a link, or PM it to me?
here's the link skunkjar. what i hear starts at 45 sec.

also slidewinder brings up a fascinating topic to check out, cymatics. there's a good couple of vids on this topic. if your not familiar with cymatics it will be quite eye opening as to the vibrational power of sound and frequency.
That is astonishing! I have also heard something along the lines of that and at ~20sec. The universe is more complex than we can understand, but spice helps if only for a few minutes!
For me the closest is around 25 sec. Usually just soft, 'non'-tones, clashing pitches, it has yet to be 'musical' in the earthly sense, not to distinct. The sounds of my environment, however are more pronounced and 'flanged' or 'vocoded' to speak to the audio engineers. The loudest sound of the deal is the carrier wave during lift-off. Damn it can be strong!


Yea mines most like the one at 25 seconds, except its more of a solid tone with a fax machine diddelin off over it. DEDE DA DELLLEDEDE DA DEDE DA
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