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The Übermensch, or, a shift in consciousness

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I heavily enjoy Nietzsche, and if you haven't read Thus Spake Zarathustra (most important work created by man to date, imo), please do so.

i should start off by saying this is all from a dream that swim had

Isn't it strange to think that everything that hitherto has been interpreted as the world -- as reality, could be smashed to bits by say..a mass ayahuasca trip?

swim was thinking, with so many forces of evil at bay, what if a pleasantist (counter terrorist lol..) group orchestrated something like dosing main water supplies? For instance, if some one where to some how (if even possible) have dmt + an maoi in the water, and the next thing you know, everyone is tripping balls for some timeless period.

One could only imagine the type of shift in consciousness that this would set off, if it were to happen somewhere like NYC, or Los Angeles or something.. I mean, you can't deny the light :)

I reckon the dream was inspired by this passage
The author of "Zarathustra" never lost sight of that egregious example of a transvaluation of all values through Christianity, whereby the whole of the deified mode of life and thought of the Greeks, as well as strong Romedom, was almost annihilated or transvalued in a comparatively short time. Could not a rejuvenated Graeco-Roman system of valuing (once it had been refined and made more profound by the schooling which two thousand years of Christianity had provided) effect another such revolution within a calculable period of time, until that glorious type of manhood shall finally appear which is to be our new faith and hope, and in the creation of which Zarathustra exhorts us to participate?

or maybe swim is just a little nutty --
the mighty oak tree, too, was once a nut like me
i probably had similar thoughts, 13 years ago. idealistic perhaps.

life's experiences and how you acclimate are more relevant to this reality than chemical experiences. though I do find myself clinging to the latter for inspiration once a year.

great book, btw. Will To Power was his final book, one of my favs along with The Antichrist.
Can't say I haven't thought of something similar to this, though along the lines of the scenario in "Batman Begins." It's certainly an amusing idea, but I think you'd have better luck spraying people with DMT infused DMSO.

Not quite sure how much this all relates to Nietzsche, especially considering that he never concerned himself with enlightening the masses, but with enhancing the few. I think the modern DIY culture, as it exists in education, art, and even psychedelics (DMT-culture being most relevant in this regard) certainly stems from a sort of Nietzschean exuberance. Apart from that, I would say that DMT and other psychedelics potentially allow one to more deeply explore existential concepts. Perhaps psychedelics are necessary to reconcile post-modern man with the Dionysean.

"The Will to Power" wasn't a book--at least not one written by Nietzsche. It is merely a collection of notes. I you read it, be sure to read the Kaufmann/Hollingdale edition. I highly recommend picking up "The Portable Nietzsche" before anything else.
i think many ppl might just freak out!:d ..talk about set and setting!
I dont think they would understand it all enough to re-integrate the experienced if forced upon them.
Lol you are actually suggesting to dose people!

Nietzsche was very provocative, but his thought was not to change people so violently. Plus, the change has to be done through effort, in a conscient way.

Dosing is waaay too dangerous and random! Ever heard of a girl that was given Salvia and became depressive/psychotic/suicidal, and nearly died? All because her boyfriend made her this little "surprise".
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