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The Varieties of the 2C-C experience

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I'd like to take the time to write a little bit about my two experiences with this fascinating, and apparently misunderstood compound.

Together with 2C-D, I've always thought of this one (based on trip reports found online) as one of the least interesting of the 2C-x.

With two experiences under my belt, that perception has completely shifted.

2C-C, 20mg

Having learned from a couple of involuntary blastings into other dimensions in the past, these days I always begin experimenting with a substance at very low doses.

20mg seemed like a safe bet, and some time last week it was ingested, on an empty stomach (4-5h fast), orally (parachuting).

To tell you the truth, I did not even sense the substance kicking in, but at some point around T+ 1h30 it was obvious that something was changed ..

Pupils were not too dilated, there were no visuals to speak of (though shadows looked a bit suspicious, like more 3D), the meat of the experience was in the emotional domain: there was some empathogenesis going on, and once I decided to focus on it, it grew even more.

The rest of the experience was mostly spent writing and having a deep heartfelt conversation with myself in the mirror.

No stimulation or sedation was particularly noted, near the end of the experience some tiredness was noticed, but it could just as well have been from the time of the day (evening).

It is also worth noting that no adverse physical side-effects (vasoconstriction, etc) were noted.

This experience uncovered some deep emotional patterns that apparently without knowing I have been unconsciously executing for years - to my own detriment.

Resolving to explore this insight deeper, a few days later 20mg + 10mg of MXE were ingested, but that's a whole different story.


That was an amazing trip, but no usable insights related to the above were to be found.

Which brings us to..

2C-C, 36mg

Five days after the experience described above, I decided to once again attempt the 2C-C experience, and see if some of that amazing introspection could help with going further.

Bear in mind that I probably still had quite some tolerance going on (couldn't find reasonable sources online about tolerance with 2C-C and how long to wait), that's why I doubled the dose - otherwise 30mg would've sufficed.

Not sure if those 5-6mg made the difference, but...

Almost exactly 1h in, and about 20-30mins after first alerts, the room suddenly became very bright.

Like a ton of bricks it started to hit, and my immediate reaction was to try and stop it - I was looking for some introspection and empathogenesis, not to break through on some new substance.

The intensity caught me completely off-guard, and for 10 minutes or so I struggled, but found comfort when none other than our Traveler reminded me that this is how 2C-C is, and that there's not going to be any breakthrough of any sort.

After some quick breathing exercises and meditation, I calmed down considerably.

The whole room was swirling, every object in sight was shrinking and growing and shrinking and growing, colors were super saturated, in short, a massive visual fest ..

Now you have to realize that for me personal[ly, things only tend to get to this level of intensity when I'm tripping my balls off in another galaxy, I don't get a lot of visuals in general, so this completely blew me away.

The visuals were intensely beautiful, and there was also some empathogenesis going on in the background, but frankly the beauty of the visuals kept me focused on that instead for most of the time.

A lot more physical side effects were noticed at 36mg, including moderate muscle tension, strong heartbeat, elevated heart rate (from 60 to 90-100, sitting still), cold extremities (vasoconstriction), to name but a few - this made enjoying the experience after the initial scare a bit challenging, but eventually I did settle into it.


The character of the substance almost completely changed from 20mg to 36mg.

At 20mg it was almost like being sober, extremely easy to handle, not visual, mostly emotional, and no physical side-effects; while 36mg was overwhelming for several minutes, extremely visual, not so emotional and with noticeable physical side-effects.

Hopefully something like l-arginine will be helpful in countering such nasty physical side effects, an experiment I will conduct in the future, absolutely.

Should that be the case, I am adding 2C-C to my list of gems.

It is also worth noting that the headspace is almost nonexistant at either dose, for the lower dose the distinguishing characteristing definitely was the empathogenesis, for the higher dose, the beautiful flowing visuals.

Comparing it with 2C-B, the empathogenesis is even less pronounced. I found them to be completely different substances.

I found the 20mg dose more useful for introspection, and the 36mg dose more useful for recreation. Further testing will confirm or deny this initial perception.
Good write-up nexalizer, really enjoyed reading that!

I especially liked the style of your report. Almost scientific.😁

I'm very interested in trying out the 2c series of compounds, particularly for recreation. I would like to see what all the fuss is about!:d
2C-C is the 2C-x which I have explored least. My encounters with the compound have been generally pleasant, however, this compound takes a little longer to kick in than you would expect, so you must be sure to not "re-dose" and just be patient. At low doses the visual phenomena seems to be lacking, but at higher doses the visual phenomena is incredible. 2C-C also seems to be far less "speedy" than some of the other 2C-x compounds. This compoundcalso seems to last quite a bit longer than other 2C-x compounds, and while increasing your dose may increase intensity, it also seems to do the same for duration...

2,5-dimethoxy-4-methyl-phenethylamine (2C-D) is amazing! Reading through the published literature you would assume that this compound would not be very interesting, most anecdotes make it sound like a mild stimulant with nootropic effect, which is incredibly misleading. This compound is pure magic as far as looking for a substance which improves cognition, memory, inspiration, Performance, focus, and so on, a true "smart pill". Darrell lemaire describes this compounds potential in SMART PILLS however, Darrell never explores high dose ranges. At high dose, this compound produces beautiful psychedelia, complete with bright colorful visual hallucinations and a psychedelic state of mind comparable to your favorite 2C-x series compound! This compound also does great at enhancing other psychedelics and entactogens, leading shulgin to call it a "pharmocological tofu" as it can enhance most things without adding much of its own flavor.

Some in Darrell lemaire's research group found 2C-D to be too "stimulating", in this case 2,5-diethoxy-4-methyl-phenethylamine was used, and appeared to diminish the distracting intoxication without having an effect on the compounds nootropic abilities. I have also been focused on the "tweetios", 5-ethoxy, and 2,5-diethoxy homologues of 2C-D...

Another related compound which I have been researching and exploring is 2,5-dimethoxy-3,4-methylendioxy-amphetamine, this compound is a combination between the 3,4-methylenedioxy moiety which is prominent in the entactogenic amphetamines, with the 2,5-dimethoxy moiety of the 2c-x and DO-x series compounds. Aside from chemically being a structural fascination, the psychoactive properties of this molecule are just as interesting.

great topic!

in an attempt to keep my initial response at reasonable length I chose to not discuss a good deal, however, I would be happy to share any related information as well as discuss the topic in depth.

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