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the WALL

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Weight 230lbs dosage 80mg nn-dmt Experience I am trying to put this last voyage into words. Alot happened, but this is what I returned with, and if it was to be described in one word it would be "Comical" Instantly after ingestion, There was a brick wall of colors in front of me, Dmt users should know these colors well, they are what can only be described as "DENSE" Thick neon colors. which instantly replace the past reality of a room. Past experiences have had these colors reforming complex geometric fractal style patterns, but this time they were still. Past experiences I had to travel to get to this point, but for some reason we started here this time. The colors were so rich and vibrant, that once focused upon, details of each and every pixel or brick started to appear. Its so hard to articulate these colors, but the best I can come up with for a description at the present is if we are describing Blue, it would be as if we are on the moon, viewing Earth, and then zooming in closer and closer, till we see land, then a city then sky scrapers, then a street and then people etc, each and every brick in this wall was its own unique, detailed universe. So again instantly there is a wall of colors, the bottom right of this wall draws my attention, its as if there is a corner of the wall flipped up an there is a hole to see on the other side. Its hard to break away from being drawn into a stuper at the amazing things going on within each and every color making up this wall/screen in front of me, there is so much going on its like trying to watch "cirque du soleil" there is just simply too much to take in at once. then my field of vision starts to pan down towards the bottom left towards the hole. The movement is slow like I am watching a movie and I tell myself I am gonna go through the wall, as the field of vision moves down, my current line of sight lines up with the hole just for an instant, what was on the other side of this screen, has to be one of the most shocking, mind blowing things I have ever seen. Before I go on, I must relate a bit about my person, I consider myself a pretty serious person, My interests are religion and philosophy but I am very high strung, some in the world would look at me and instantly brand me as a "Suit" if that term means anything. Ok, back to the story, as the field of vision is slowly panning down towards this hole, I get a glimpse into the other side, and I see two *Tiny* purple elves, wearing a backpack very much like the ones they wore in that movie "Ghostbusters", and they are shooting these white light curly que beams of light against the screen making the colored bricks. As my jaw dropped on what I had just witnessed a flood of colors hit me, as if the trajectory of my panning movement to get to the hole was off, and I over shot the hole and hit the wall, at the instant I heard the wall say in a sweet and comforting voice, "Good bye" exactly 6 minutes had passed, and I was back in the room, I could feel my body now and move my arms again. The dimensions of the room I was back in still continued to breath and compress and contract for another 5 or so min, but the vision of the elves stuck me as so funny, that when I think back about this experience I cant do it without smiling, I had been taking my newly found hyperspace travels as so serious, and this new turn of events is striking me as so silly and yet so odd, that it just brings joy and laughter to my person. Imagine sticking your head thru your tv screen to see a tiny elf making the picture, shocking but more funny then anything. Its only getting Weird-R, there is a great after glow, and a slight perma grin regarding the experience- I had also been kinda dreading seeing another entity but that fear is long gone. Take Care and happy Travels PrOtAgErUs
... excellent memory !! keep the reports coming ! We all love a good story to induce a flashback-memory or tale to remind us of what's behind the veil ...! 80 mg is a champion-sized hit though, even for a 230 lb 'suit' ..! Try Syrian Rue seed extract sometime, and you'll need less than half of that, I bet ! The best part is hearing the similarities amongst our ventures - how often have we found ourselves facing the hive / the brick-wall / neon-stained-glass-blanket of light..?! and the fact that every facet in that space holds another entire reality ..!? That is all so common, and then going through the 'veil' or chrysanthemum, are universal themes that are reported. And the elves ... the elves !... they really do show up ! !
EL KA BONG can the Rue be bought in a extract already, or do i have to make it? i found this in the web at about 10 bucks a bottle : "Liquid Extract - Harmaline 5x (1oz) View Liquid Extract - Harmaline 5x (1oz) There are approx 150mg of harmala alkaloids per dropper, sufficient for either significant effects from the harmala alone or completely adequate for potentiation, but this is provided only for educational purposes, and is not intended to condone consumption in any way. WARNING: MAOI's interfere with the action of the MAO enzymes and stops the breakdown of toxic substances. This can make certain foods and medicines to become toxic. It can cause nasty side-effects. Not for human consumption; it is offered for its traditional use as the richly colored textile dye known as Turkish Red
I really don't know, but it would be good to dose the MAOIs better. I just make my own lemon juice extract ( 1 dose = 200 ml total volume from 3.5 g seed) and hope I have 'clean' seed, with no fungicides and other agri-chemicals. Seed quality varies I'm sure, but it's dirt cheap !
alex grey stuff is amazing he has a odd youtube video / interview with a sept 11 preminition which is kinda creepy heres a link
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