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The watermill of existence

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Today a memory of a past facebook post popped in my feed that represents an analogy I find quite interesting, and I decided to share it with you:

I saw a drawing that portrayed a watermill. It made me think of something.

See, almost everything we use to explain what we can not understand is a human construct. An example would be the idea of "meaning".

Many people ask what the "meaning" of life is. What our "purpose" is. And many people describe those things with the ideological fractals that their own psychological prism creates, influenced by external factors or not. Their so called "reality".

I think our existence is very similar to a watermill, but a rather special one. The wheel of that watermill has infinite blades that represent our immortal souls and energies in all the parallel realities we possibly exist in.

The wheel rotation represents the period of our life where we exist physically in a given realm. The blades that emerge from the water represent our birth. The path to their submergence we call our "life". The point of their submergence we often refer to as "death". There is always a part that is submerged in water - this I refer to as our "(sub)consciousness".

But what drives that watermill - water obviously. An ever changing flow of water. Hence, an ever changing drive behind our perceived desires and self-imposed purpose.

Since what our consciousness is influenced by is constantly shifting and morphing, logic points to an equally fluctuating and protean "reality".

There is no such thing as universal meaning, purpose or reality. We change as our path progresses through the borderless void of eternity.


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