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THH by itself and in combination

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I've been interested in tetrahydroharmine for quite some time and a few years ago purchased some Liftmode material. I had done some TLC and it looks to be legit, so I tested first 50 mg, and later 100 mg sublingual. I found a subtle, but noticeable stimulation and a pleasant mental state.

Some work with low dose mescaline has also been explored. Typically, between 120-150 mg is taken with a few drops of limonene to help with the nausea (usually 3-4 drops, about 30 minutes prior and another 3-4 drops with the mescaline). Limonene seems to work very well, as without it, even 50 mg is mildly nauseous. I'm curious if others have used this with higher dose mescaline.

More recently, ~125 mg mescaline was taken about 1.5 hours before 100 mg THH sublingual. Initially, it seemed like it might be boosting effect, but after an hour or two, it was apparent it had decreased the effect of mescaline. I've seen reports of potentiation, but this did not happen this time.

At about 4-5 hours post mescaline, some DMT was tried cautiously. First, around 10 mg. Not much happened, but it felt a bit off, so there was a desire to abort going further. After a few minutes, I changed my mind, as it smoothed out and felt welcoming. Slowly, over a few minutes, another 20 mg was consumed.

Hands looked like miniature clown puppet hands. The resulting experience was very playful and not nearly as serious as DMT alone. Beautiful visuals with eyes open and everything transformed in a most amazing way. Visuals look different than DMT alone and different from Harmine + DMT. I think THH is much preferred. Also, the experience lasts maybe 2x longer and the tail of the experience could be felt for about 1 hour.

I'm interested in other experiences combining THH with DMT, as well as other psychedelics.
I've had this "different than usual" DMT trip a couple of times with simple harmala tea. It doesn't happen very often though, but whenever it does, it happens when I take DMT around 2 hours after drinking the tea (or 3 hours later in one case). I think it may have to do with the build up of serotonin or other neurotransmitters in the brain, but this is just mere conjecture. This one time I had tea and had a meal right after which was quite heavy in tyramine, I had a mild serotonin syndrome, but got better within 90 minutes, waited another hour and then took DMT, and the experience was just... Extremely pleasant and playful, probably the best I've ever had. The weird thing is that such a trip always starts with a static image, so instead of the waiting room, I spend more time in the pre waiting room phase and then breakthrough right after, skipping the waiting room. So none of the annoying entities which I have to bear with in the waiting room every single time, and the experience is crazy orgasmic and lasts longer than usual, it lasted almost 2 hours in one case with a one hour peak... I haven't had the chance to explore this further though... In any case, I think the nature and duration of experience not only depends on the MAO inhibition, but also may be on the levels of other neurotransmitters in the brain.
I combined it several times with DMT. Adds more body warmth, colours become more eye candy, it is the stuff your retina feeds on as if, visions become more ~magical~ imo. But I also had experiences where it only added a typical harmala quality, think of the ~you came to the wrong neighborhood mfugger~ version of the ayahuasca trip.
Last time I combined it with magic truffles, first 3 hours were pretty much a very harsh pharmahuasca trip. But the next three hours I had a maniac glow and energy in me that made me laugh and had one of the best times of my life. I had the most contagious giggle, imagine the best joke you heard and up it by 10 times and prolong the duration of the funny moment for hours. It's that kind of wild stuff that changes you. I still have a residue of that in me that and I can tap a bit more in that "naughty giggle of inappropriate laughter" that drops the defense barrier of other people and makes them also lose their shit. And again, the body high from this combo is the stuff of legends, but it's not something that gives you an addictive chase for it, it will probably be more months until I touch this stuff again. By itself THH provides only a faint glow of it, but add DMT or shrooms and you get the feeling of a warm blanket coursing through your body.

Also try next time doses of 200-300 mg
Thanks for the replies. I've used 100 mg a few times, but have yet to take it higher. How does 200 or 300 mg feel (by itself, or in combination)? I'd like to try it with mushrooms, but am a bit nervous, especially with L-Dreamer's comment about feeling like "being in the wrong neighborhood". I'm curious what the truffle dose was and also curious if it significantly lengthened the experience?

I also wonder how THH + dmt or mushrooms compares to THH + harmine + dmt or mushrooms? I wonder if the harmine significantly alters the effects, or just lengthens the experience?
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