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Thick-Light's Tek Results, Still Got It!

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Hi family,
I haven't posted here in quite a while, life got pretty real for about a year and a half and I had an experience with grey-market medication/RC's that changed my life dramatically. But that's a story for another time..

I just completed my first successful extraction in several years and the results so far are absolutely delightful. I basically followed thick-light's tek with 500g thoroughly shredded Mimosa hostilis rootbark:
- The bark was frozen and thawed with a bit of water twice, then boiled in 2.5L water with enough ascorbic acid to achieve a pH of 4 for 2 hours. I filtered and did 2 more 3 hour boils with water and ascorbic acid, combined them, filtered thoroughly, and reduced the solution to approx. 1200 mL.

- 150g NaOH was added slowly

- Two heated pulls of ~500mL each were mixed in thoroughly and siphoned off with a glass syringe and a pipette, as well as one heated pull of ~350mL. These were combined and reduced with a fan to approx. 500mL and placed in a -5 F freezer overnight

Below are the results of those first three pulls, further heated pulls will be performed but this mountain of spice already looks like more than I anticipated... I will update with the final weight soon once I get this all on a scale.

It's hard being so excited about something I have to be discreet about so I figured I'd share it with you guys lol :lol:

Hope y'all enjoy the pics, much love :thumb_up:


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Sorry for the delay, first three pulls combined yielded 5.305g of fluffy light yellow spice. :)

More updates to come as I finish more pulls.


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