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"Thin Air" is NOT merely "Thin Air

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Not sure how else to say this... I'm still coming down and can barely wright, but what we perceive as the air around us is merely a shell... Like a thin transparent membrane that encapsulates what we know as reality. It can be cut through, and opened to reveal the beyond. I suppose this may just be another way to describe a breakthrough... Or maybe something different. I don't really know completely. Maybe I'm just stating the obvious, but I just experience the equivalent of a cutting torch, cutting through what I perceived as thin air, and opening up to reveal magnificence on the other side. Sorry for the babble, but had to record this while I could... And what better place.

Peace bros!

That's what the swords are for.


how often does a straight line occur in nature?
Gorgeous display my man! Is that San Pedro I see?

A straight line? Rarely if at all. Even the blistering speed of light is still delivered via a wave.

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