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Books and chalkboards are where we are gifted material knowledge, but there is another kind of knowledge. This kind can only be learned through experience, and psychedelics can be a fantastics travel partner.

Psychedelics are like the chalkboards of the psyche, they allows us to get what we do out of our minds and really see them for the first time. The things that are so ingrained into us that we can't even see them, are brought out to be laughed at.

Understanding others is something that psychs really brought great light to for me, before psyches I really didn't understand the intentions of others. Maybe consciously I could understand what they wanted, but I didn't really get it. There really is a difference between consciously knowing something, its intention, and really living it. You don't know what gambling is until you have had the desire. You can't understand someone until you want what they want. Until you are what they are.


Not super interesting but I've been lurking for about a year and thought I better write something.

I came here because I want to learn some cultivation/practical chemistry.
I came here because I enjoy talking to others about there/my experiences.
I came here just in case I have something to offer to this community.

Also, I'm sorry my questionnaire was so bad. I was mildly psychotic at the time.
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