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this doesn't seem right

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So SWIM just figured he'd try converting some freebase to dmt fumarate using the procedure below that was taken from the stickied thread:

Here’s the quick tech:

1) Completely dissolve 1000 mg of freebase DMT in 50 ml of acetone.
2) Completely dissolve 309 mg of fumaric acid in another batch of 50 ml of acetone.
3) Mix for 1 minute and evaporate at room temperature to give DMT fumarate.

Only problem is that not all of the fumaric acid is dissolving. The acetone doesn't need to be hot does it? It seems like either SWIM's scale is off and he weighed out more than 309 mg or that solubility ratio isn't 100% accurate.

What's the best thing to do at this point? Just add more acetone a ml or 2 at a time?
no no no no..you do NOT evaporate the acetone....the dmt fumarate will precipitate...there is no evaporation needed for making dmt fumarate...

it will just fall out of the acetone as a solid..then you pour off the acetone and you will be left with dmt fumarate in the bottom
Yeah, that was stupid. SWIM ended up just adding a bit more acetone to dissolve the rest of the fumaric acid. But filtering probably would've worked too.

I'm not the one who said to evaporate, Jorkest. That was taken from the stickied thread. I think the user who posted that was 69Ron.

Does it really matter though? I would think that the end result would be about the same regardless of whether you evap. or just pour the liquid off. At this point it's easier for SWIM to just let it evap. since it's in a dish that would be a pain in the ass to pour from. That's okay right?
Something is not right here. You only add enough FASA to the acetone/dmt solution to get the dmt to precipitate out as dmt fumarate. Usually people add the FASA to their solution using a dropper or by pouring a small amount in. If you mixed the whole batch of FASA into the dmt/acetone mix then you will have a lot of fumaric acid that will be left when you evap the acetone. The Fumaric acid is just dissolved in the acetone and when you evaporate the acetone whatever wasn't used to convert the dmt freebase into dmt fumarate will be mixed in with your dmt fumerate. This shouldn't really be too big of a problem if you are just going to store it as dmt fumarate but it will dilute your dmt fumarate with fumaric acid and dosage will will be off if you are going to use it for pharmahuasca or something like that. When making the FASA it doesn't matter if the fumaric acid all dissolves into the acetone. SWIM puts enough in so that there is some that stays on the bottom of his jar of FASA that way he knows that it is saturated.
the point of that FASA is to get dmt out of solution...and to separate the dmt from any oils and fats...but when you evaporate the acetone all of that will be left in there..so there really is no point adding the FASA if you are just going to evaporate it anyway
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