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This life is but a spark

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SWIM has conflicting thoughts when it comes to telling me such information as I'm about to post...
This is so hard to put into words ...

During his experience with trying to connect DMT and dreams which I posted on here
(read to understand) one of the 'tails' took him to a supposed truth..

In the unfolding of the universe as far as he was concerned, this truth was that
we are all very insignificant..
Upon him questioning what life is, Dimitri told him that this human experience is but one
stop, one spark, from our true path...
If you all know this "unfolding" feeling I speak of, you may understand what I mean...

SWIM was told that what we experience now is but a tiny lesson on our path through the universe...
HELL, that the universe as we know it is but a miniscule thought compared to the whole truth.

Dimitri had shown him a little glimpse into the life after his death..
D told him that even once he dies, he will only have begun his experiences in the 'true' universe.
This feeling...
He thinks that upon his death, he'll return to this stream of energy until it finds his next appropriate stop..

I've been questioning whether or not to post this because of how messed up it may sound to some and,
the lack of words to describe it.

I'm really not sure what I'm getting at...
This wasn't something SWIM asked for but, something the DMT felt he was ready to know.
He felt like a psycho telling me this...
I don't think your alone on that one, I've heard of people mentioning things like 'after-life' and 'life after death' a few times before, so don't worry about feeling like too much of a psycho.
Yeah, don't worry about it, and you're definately not psycho. I have had the same feelings that have intensified ever since I started smoking DMT. I totally resonate with the "unfolding"/revealing/awakening that you mention, and feel that this is a very important, but small stop for our higher selves along the path of beingness.

There are ideas and conceptual frameworks out there that lends structure to that which is beyond our perception in this current three dimensional existence. Search, and you may find answers that resonate with you.
Shortly said: "cool beans" :p.

I'm glad to see my thoughts are shared.
I guess I'll continue this hunt for knowledge.
Yes I know what your talking about.You might feel insignificant amongst the infinite cosmos but you being here now is a big deal.I feel lucky sometimes just to exist at all.Check out a book called "The Living Universe" by Duane Elgin.He puts together science and religion to explain things that I previously only learned with entheogens.I thought I was nuts but I found that others share my thoughts too.All is One.
Yes .. ! A Spark of LOve ! in an impossible unfolding mystery .. and what the heck are we doing here .!? what a thing to have to discover .. !

The truth is hard to unlive-by once it hits you - so slow it down enough, and enjoy ! ... Then the spark gets brighter ... Love Love Love until it Burns ! ... Make more sparks !
tropane said:
Shortly said: "cool beans" :p.

I'm glad to see my thoughts are shared.
I guess I'll continue this hunt for knowledge.

Many years ago, when I was about 15 years old, I learned this on an extemely stong dose of ( I think it was Orange Sunshine.) I could see that we are but energy and that the energy is released upon death.
That has carried with me my whole life since then.
tropane said:
Shortly said: "cool beans" :p.

I'm glad to see my thoughts are shared.
I guess I'll continue this hunt for knowledge.

The search for knowledge is the best thing you can do in my opinion. You'll find that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of others out there that think as you do, but don't take anyone elses word or ideas at face value. Keep the ideas that resonate, acknowledge and discard those that don't and you'll find your own personal meaning to existence. You can only learn by looking within yourself and communicating with others.

Life is a never ending quest for truth, new clues and breadcrumbs lie around each corner, continue searching and you'll find answers and meaning in some unlikely places.

SWIM feels he shouldn't mention this for many reasons but...
He feels that beyond the oev...
beyond the cev...
beyond the other worlds...
There's a break..

A flow of energy so great words couldn't touch it.
He's only but seen a crack through the other worlds that led to this energy.
This energy gave him the feelings he's randomely had throughout his life that could
never be put into words... There's no human emotion that can touch it.
He wonders if this is what the shamans truly tap into..
SWIM's already worked on prolonging his experiences with only his mind..
He feels that if he could enter this flow, he could leave forever... to anywhere.
He's awestruck.. he doesn't know what else to say.
Saidin's signature quote really sums it up well-

What, you ask, was the beginning of it all?
And it is this...

Existence that multiplied itself
For sheer delight of being
And plunged into numberless trillions of forms
So that it might
-Sri Aubobindo

Our only true mission in life is to WAKE UP and REMEMBER who we are. This is commonly known as "Awakening" or "Enlightenment".

The inevitable truth is that- You are God.

And when a person has their "awakening", this is so obvious and simple that you laugh and say "OMFG....I REMEMBER!"

Many experience Awakening thru the use of entheogens....some thru meditation, fasting, sensory deprivation, drumming, dancing....anything that can induce enough of an altered state to put the Ego in a box long enough for your TRUE SELF to awake. It happens in an INSTANT. Total and utter realization...w/o any doubt. And you feel like you are finally HOME. This is why we are here! To find ourselves.

We are all God playing hide-n-seek for our own entertainment.
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