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This transparent branded skin biomachine (me!) thing

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what do you see when you smoke about 20mg changa and leave your eyes open, lights on?
A Friend saw the surrounding room and things morphing into this future comic style, kinda vectorizing. Everything gets very beautiful,nice bright colours, perfect shapes...

Now he looked first at his fingers, they looked very different also, bit gum-like, but then he watched his arm and the longer he watched (some seconds), the more clearly the skin appeared transparent, but with a structure on it, patterns, forms, like some reptiles have it.
And under his transparent skin there was kinda machinery, like a clockwork, but more biological looking, with the colour of flesh/skin, surrounded by nearly transparent fluid (plasma).
It didn't change when he moved his arm or hand, the clockwork just worked on, it looked super-realistic and futuristic, like in the movie with this female robot with the transparent skin, but with living organism in it^^

Who has seen this also, especially this interesting skin patterns on the surface of the skin, not that easy to see, better with light from the side and a bit sweaty skin!

My Friend would love to know what that means and why he has these. He observed these signs on his stomach also, alligned and going with the shapes of the body, some smaller, some bigger, but not moving or so, more like branded onto the skin.

Thanks for reactions :)

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