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...So, I was browsing through some other threads and came across a bit of information about sublingually taken resins. I read that using hydrated lime(calcium hydroxide) is a must to insure the proper Ph in the mouth.

Well, last night swim tried 25mg Caapi-copy, 35mg spice and 20mg Hydrated lime under the tongue.

Yes, it burned, but not bad enough to spit it out.

Swim lay down to drift into what may come.

For the next two hours swim experienced a tranquil sea of mild but definite bliss. No OEV's but mild and unusual CEV's. More dreamlike than anything else. But a euphoria that just seemed to go on and on and on.

Also, some of the most immersive dreams ever.

Swim has tried before without the calcium hydroxide and not gotten NEAR the results.

That is all,

Interesting...sublingual methods for absorbing tryptamines seems the way to go..anything bypassing the stomache is desired...I think that making a crude mushroom extract with iso might be good to dose under the tounge for sublingual 4-HO-DMT experiences...will have to try it and sublingual spice as well..
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