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Thought I wasn't triping!

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So, while reading a post about an experience I remembered of the strangest experience I've had to date .. After 2 doses of dmt at around 25mg and a couple of hours I decided to take a good one.. We loaded the pipe (I was with friends) with an unknown dosage.. We rarely measure dosage.. It was a big one though!

I took 3-4 big hits and my eyes closed! I felt the same hole sucking me in, as always! Then I fell in a room! It felt completely real, though as I can remember it didn't look real at all! There was a woman sitting at a table, not moving.. Standing up opposite to her was a troll-looking man! It was as if the room was full of mirrors and he was reflecting to them, so practically he was everywhere! He was the only thing reflecting on the mirrors thought! He was angry and it seemed as if he was shouting at her! There was no sound.. He was opening and closing his mouth really fast, his hand was raised up high and he was moving the upper part of his body back and forth at exactly the same way every time.. Like he was in "loop" mode! I was staring at them! They didn't seem to notice me..
Now the interesting part in all this is that I didn't understand I was tripping and didn't feel I was in an unreal place! I remember thinking "Why don't I trip? I took a lot of dmt so being in a horrible place like this is not normal.. I don't like all this hate.. I wanna see the colors, the spirals, the entities.. Why am I steal in reality?"

After a while I started to become one with the walls of the room.. Then a "normal" dmt experience followed.. When I oped my eyes and started to return I was amazed.. I couldn't understand what had happened! This was the first time I totally mixed reality with trip.. Does something like this happen to you often? I mean, I am not an experienced dmt user so I am not really sure!
All of my trips except the first one have been more real hallucinations rather than the typical colors/lines/shapes.

They seem like they are real. I prefer the colors and stuff; you always know you are tripping.
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