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Throat Feeling *edited*

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What should I expect to feel in the throat if it's clean product?

If this were to be taken in a dab rig or ecig atomizer. that can vaporizer the product very fast. at specified temperatures that were researched from this site. Should it feel like a herb dab with a potency/heaviness to the throat?

what's your best explanation at how it feels to the throat? and what's your dose to get an idea?

thanks, sorry if the original post was too much.

** In an attempt to get more replies + see if my original description was overkill **
I haven't used the method you specified, but dmt can be harsh. I typically smoke weed and use anaesthetic throat spray, helps prevent coughing.

Try lowering temp. Btw your description of 325F feelings is close to what I have with the machine.
I dab CBD (75% full spectrum) regular.

Vaping DMT feels less harsh on the throat compared to CBD if done correct (185-195C is the sweet spot). It does however leave a 'moth balls' aftertaste, not much though and it goes away quick.

Once you get a hang of it vaping is the way to go. It's super smooth compared to other methods that I tried (infused leaf, sandwich).

Ps. To truly check if it's a clean product you'd need to do lab analysis. At home your best choice is reagent testing. Link below.

In general, if the DMT is being vaporized properly, it should be relatively smooth. Burnt DMT is unpleasant and can cause a sort of hot/harsh "marble" in the throat feeling, IME. It usually takes some practice to get the techniques down to an exact form that works best for you. It is a bit of a learning curve, but definitely worth it once you get the hang of whichever ROA you choose.

Good luck!
Interestingly what I did find out, not only for DMT, but for many substances, that vaping bad tasting or harsh substances is easier, if you add a tiny bit (1mg) of menthol crystal. They are cheaply available in pure form as sauna equipment. This kinda gives you this typical menthol smell and additionally opens up your lungs.

But then again, I don't find DMT to be really harsh.

But what I also did find out it, that the temp of the inhaled air makes a huge difference in harshness (also for DMT). If it is hot, it is harsh (no wonder as very hot air certainly irritates). That's why I now have like a 20cm thin walled metal tube as mouthpiece. I flattened the metal tube a bit to get more surface contact. If you now hold it in your hand, the hand will cool the metal, which gets heated by the air inside.

Additionally if bad (after)taste is what puts you off (e.g. see DPT), then you can put this metal tube as far in your mouth that it is right at the back. If you now inhale, no smoke will enter in your mouth room, as it will directly be sucked down your throat. This has the additional advantage that less material condenses out in your mouth.

If the substance is really bad tasting another addition to the said above works wonders. Put a paper handkerchief on your tongue while vaping, so that the tongue can nowhere get in contact with the smoke.

All these might sound strange, but work for me quite well...
thank you all for your responses.

Aum_Shanti said:
All these might sound strange, but work for me quite well...

no those don't sound too weird. sometimes you gotta get a little creative.

i think atomu235's description is as close to what i can recall. "mothball flavor that goes away fast". will have to see how the next sesh goes....
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