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Through Her Eyes

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Music is alive and in your soul. It can move you.
"Through Her Eyes"

Hello, it's me again!


If you haven't figured it out by now, my GF and I are very fond of mushrooms and she asked me to write this so I could try my best to convey her trip to all of you wonderful people. My last journey was solo which has it's benefits...but nothing like spending time with her, tripping or not.

Being on nights again has totally flip flopped my sleeping schedule thus allowing little time for my GF and I to hang out lately. But we were determined so after a 4 hour nap, I got up and started doing the usual preparations: measuring and powdering our doses into OJ, gathering art supplies and glowsticks, putting together a music playlist etc etc.

With the music on we drank our doses.


"I started out feeling full, like a brick was laying in my stomach, churning. When I take a dose and don't start feeling right away, I know it is going to be intense. Like the calm before the storm. The first noticeable effects felt like I was becoming a zombie. As in, it was hard to move fluently or quickly...drifting.

I began getting the paint ready because it is one of my favorite things to do while tripping. It also serves as a distraction if/when things get overly intense, as this trip would soon prove to be. After my first painting was nearly completed, I looked up to notice that the entire fabric of reality had changed into very busy, futuristic sort of atmosphere. It was strangely transparent to where I could see both our world and the world of mushroom hyperspace. The atmosphere itself had some sort of fabric look to it, almost like the texture that is on the gauze part of a band-aid. Oh, and my juice tasted so very weird...

There were many beings, an impossible amount and they were all doing very odd things. Some would come up and say hi, some would mind their own business or chat with a friend while sitting on a bench. Some would even pass right through my entire being, which was a strange sensation to say the least. Some of these beings even had those caps with the propellers on them and were flying around in this futuristic land before me. Also some of the entities had glowing eyes (like Ufostrahlen's avatar).

At some point, one of the tracks that played was the opening track to Pink Floyd's 'Atom Heart Mother' album. That 23 minute long epic tale told through some of the most beautiful music was moving me to tears. I couldn't hardly believe it. The emotions felt from that tune are about as hard to put into words as the whole experience itself.

Something uniquely hilarious happened anytime the word 'DMT' was spoken aloud, whether I said it or if my BF said it. All the entities would perk up and instantly become engaged in the conversation as if they were curious as to whether or not we would actually smoalk some. We didn't but it is extremely interesting to see a reaction from the entities. Apparently they are very fond of DMT too!


I wanted to paint forever and ever but the energy from the busy futuristic atmosphere was taking a toll on me physically. I never finished my second painting...I was almost burnt out so I crawled over to the other couch to cuddle with tgo. As we held each other, I closed my eyes and was transported to a place in time that resembled the 1920's in America...I couldn't stay focused though and my back was hurting so I asked him if he would rub it for me...the back rub was transcendental, there is no other way to put it.

As the trip began to wear off a bit we decided to play with glowsticks in the dark. This was fun and mesmerizing although we only did that for about 20 minutes because we were both getting hungry. I made some chicken and dumplings while he had a chicken pot pie. Delicious! We spent the rest of the evening eating and watching Gilmore Girls. It was a day well spent."


What she said!


It should be noted that her story was written from the notes we took and from the conversations we had with some paraphrasing here and there. It is challenging enough to explain my own trips so I always make sure she tells me in depth descriptions so I can do my best to type up her perspective.

Anyway, my trip was interesting. I spent most of it just sitting on the couch and enjoying the music while watching her paint. It was very similar to my last experience. there is one thing i wanted to mention to see if it happens to anyone else.

When I take higher doses of mushrooms, I've been getting these strange pains in my inner thighs, perhaps due to increased blood pressure or lack of proper blood flow? It feels like it is the veins themselves, not the muscles. I notice it only when I'm standing and after a few calculated stretches it dissipates for a while but sometimes comes back, so I stretch and it goes away.

I read a few threads from some other forums where it seems to be common in one form or another but it just got me thinking a bit.

Anyway, I don't really have much more to add as this was basically her story. But as always, keep calm and carry on while you SMOALK MOAR!



Well, I"m still not sure what the strange pain/sensations were from the above trip but I ate about the same dosage again (but with more fresh) a couple days ago and I didn't get the leg pains/sensations this time.

So now I'm thinking it was just a strange coincidence that it happened twice but not the third time. I'll just have to keep an eye on it and see what happens...or doesn't happen!

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