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Time frame on new pups?

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After cutting a bridgsii is there any general rule of thumb on how long it should take new pups to start? One in the past never produced any new pups for some reason. So i kinda want to know so if it doesnt happen in a certain time frame i know it probily wont.
While I've never cut any of my assured bridgesii specimens, another one I have that looks half way between pachanoi and bridgesii took about 5 months to show signs of new life after I'd given up on it for dead.


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I've only done the sideways planting once, and it did seem to take a long time to pup. Go figure. I used to harvest at the end of the Season but a couple of years ago I harvested at the peak of the Season and everything I cut back pupped like crazy. Live and learn (and cactus). :D
I've don't own any bridgsii but a y other cactus I cut (that sits vertically) takes a thing from 2 weeks to 2 months.
Thanks guys...yeh one other I cut as it had a infection never re grew even tho I cut out much more than needed. These were just cut to make more so ill give it some time and hope they choose to live and strive! 😁
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