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time to harvest ??????

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Hey guys I know some online places stop sale during summer they wont harvest....but those places are a lot hotter than by me. I plan on winterizing them but wondering if I chop some now should I let it start to grow back right away or winter and then let them grow back next year any ideas????
Well here its cold as hell this year they stayed in the window and grew pretty ok...next year they are going outside for the summer. Problem is well 1 of the ones I got and cut early summer never grew again. obviously did something wrong I dont know. I kinda want to cut these now but wasn't sure if I cut them if I should keep watering them through the winter (the room with decent windows will get cold at some points) so not sure if I cut them if I should keep watering them and keep them in the windows or if I cut should I stop watering and when it gets warm again will they grow....trying to avoid the situation where the last 1 I cut never grew back. Dont know much about these cacti yet!
If you plan on consuming your cuts, the sooner you cut them the better. We can reasonably suspect that allowing cuttings a month or so's rest in a cool, dark and dry (as in, not damp) place will have a positive effect on their alkaloid content.

IME, it's best to keep the cut plants pretty much dry throughout the winter - just give them a little rainwater if they start looking excessively shrivelled; watering of intact specimens is dependant on temperature, light levels and, inversely, relative humidity.
Ok THANKS! yeh going to cut tomorow....still kinda deciding if i just want to put them in a heated room with lights or not??
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