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All experiences have the following in common:
Loaded the bowl with ashes
-> added brownish-waxy crystals of DMT in varying amounts (scalpel scoops)
-> enough blueberry haze to cover

Experience 1: 1 scoop
Length of trip- 5 minutes
Consciousness: normal- visuals superseded normal space, like a filter. VERY happy after trip, could not remove smile
Visuals: Objects in room changed to resemble people. Grain on walls changed to
Setting: Afternoon, 1 window open with indirect sunlight

Experience 2: 2 scoops
Length of trip- 5 minutes
Consciousness: cloudy- visuals more intense
Visuals: more people appeared this time. My whole room was alive. Computer screen was VERY bright
Setting: after 7pm. With gf, only lights were from movie (Baraka) on computer screen

Experience 3: 2 scoops
Length of trip- 10 minutes
Consciousness: Very hard to remember this trip. Confused, felt like I dreamed the whole day. I realized I was psychic, I can predict the future. Very happy
Visuals: melting of lines, plaid colored pants became like rivers, lines were nonexistant. Walked upstairs to pitch black attic, darkness was insane.
Setting: after 7pm. With gf, only lights were from movie (Baraka) on computer screen

Experience 4: 3 scoops
Length of trip- 15 minutes
Consciousness: confused, scared. felt like I had to pee. I wanted to pee myself for some reason, I thought it would feel good. Felt like I had to puke, told myself I was mistaken and I felt fine. In the bathroom I thought I had to piss blood but nothing would come out. Entire vision turned red at times, saw pluses and minuses everywhere. Decided to go to bed afterward
Visuals: Can't remember too well
Setting:after 7pm. With gf, only lights were from movie (Baraka) on computer screen

This is much different than my previous experiences with DMT. I had much lighter yellow crystals before (self-extracted) and I was completely clearheaded. Can anyone comment on the last two trips? They seem foreign to DMT.
Try shutting the window...turning off the TV & computer...getting rid of all noises/disturbances.

And most important...CLOSE YOUR EYES & just observe the effects!!!

Give it your full attention, right now it sounds like you've only scratched the surface.😉

if its waxy its probably N-oxide.(if pulls were done with naptha). could be why it felt different. Try meditating before hand and giving nothing less than the 100% attention spice deserves.
Thanks for sharing wish you luck in your future endeavors!
Thanks for the response guys.

Recrystalization has been done, spice is MUCH more pure.

I forgot to mention: experiences 3,4 I was very restless and wanted to move around a lot. Experience 4 I felt like I was dying, could this be close to ego death?

I am smoking some more tonight, I will post a report.
Tried it again,

3 scalpel scoops of much purer DMT

I did it in two bong rips, usually I do one large
I laid back and closed my eyes as soon as I felt it
Visuals: Really felt like I was dreaming. I felt trapped in a geometric shape I couldn't tell you how many sides it had
There were many people in my visions, it felt like I was dreaming, watching my memories.
Certain people kept reappearing, I could not distinguish faces. I felt like I knew them but I dont know who they were
I felt someone in my head, trying to push me out. Subconsciously, I fought back, I couldn't help it.

I couldn't break the barrier though, it felt like no matter how hard I tried, it wouldnt break.
I also got stuck in a loop, felt like a spiral towards the end of the trip. Thoughts were fast, of 4 or 6 things, slowing down as I came down from the trip.
I am going to try again tonight, soon.

Let's hope I can do it. I apologize for grammar or spelling errors that may exists, I am just rambling what I can remember.
I find the loop thing common at excesive doses...

What could you not break through? the shape you were trapped in?
There were thoughts in my head that were not my own. They were being implanted in my brain and repeated in a cycle. No thoughts existed outside the ones being implanted and it felt like I was imprisoned by these thoughts. The thoughts cycled rapidly and all had different points of view, it felt like I was trapped in a cube perhaps. I tried to think as hard as possible to break out of the cube but I was unable. Usually, when I trip, there is a part of my brain that 100% rational, 100% of the time. This part stays conscious and whenever I hallucinate, this part of my brain tells me its not real; its kind of a pain in the ass. This, in turn, will destroy the hallucination because I now know it doesn't exist and therefore it ceases to exist. However, this part of my brain was unable to overcome the loop and was being forced out. Unfortunately I came down before I could have this consciousness pushed out.
Meditation in general gives you the training to help prevent thought loops and teaches you to passively acknowledge thoughts and move along instead of fighting them and possibly ending up in a mind loop which are really no fun.
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