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To the future ... hoooooray

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Hello friends,

some might still know me from a little back in the days. Some years ago, I found this very important harbour of love, friendship (with some nexians I am still in touch and we meet all over the globe), clarity, knowledge and wisdom called the "dmt nexus" which supported me in my own process for quite some years till the point where I got "a" message, hang up the phone and focussed my attention on more off-screen time in my life... and guys.. I can tell you.. wow .. I love it, the dream is unfolding unbelieveably beautiful and I put all my best intentions and love into it, flowing in the river which I am myself, live as one, forever now. Thank you.

Beside of that short status report of my wellbeing and acknowledgement of you all and your significance, I want to emphasise one of T.McKennas talks.


We are the ones we have been waiting for....

.. all the best to us, tseuq
I feel the same way guys.. the dmt nexus is literally my second life. I love you guys ❤️... and I really enjoyed the clip to. I needed to here it so thank you tseuq ❤️❤️❤️
Hi tseuq, hope you're fine. As of late, less of social events for you I presume.
yes this is a cool cafe to hang out 😁
Thanks for sharing this. He's spot on with what's happening in our society and at the same time I'm hopeful of the future.
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