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To Wash or Not to Wash

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I can't seem to find a definite answer to whether washing the solvent with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution or Brine solution is necessary.

I've read reports that it greatly improves the overall purity of the DMT, getting rid of any excess Sodium Hydroxide, thus creating a smoother smoke. On the other hand I have read reports of it greatly reducing yields.

I think someone mentioned washing with minimal liquid, something like 5-10ml per 200ml of solvent. Also using ice cold water would reduce loss of DMT.

Has anyone had any experience with washing the solvent? :d
just do it. the smoke will be less harsh because of it.

swim recently dreamed of a stb with NO recrystalisation OR freeze precipitation, only two sodium carbonate washes. The second wash was with just barely basic wash-water. Dont let the mix sit long- gentle agitation (gentle rolling of vessel) and drain aqueous layer as soon as it settles.

The stb swim is referring to was pulled with toluene- suprisingly clean spice considering no reX was done! No defat or FASA was employed either- just a couple of quick washes.
OK I'll give it a go then, I've got a 4L sep funnel which makes things a lot easier. Doesn't pulling with toluene extract all the 'Jungle Spice' as well as the DMT?
I do washes with sodium carbonate water. using naphtha with that you dont have to worry about emulsions. I usually use 35ml of water or so for every 400ml of naphtha. Just add it to a sep funnel shake it for a few seconds and wait for it to completely seperate. If you shake really hard that can take a few minutes or so as the tiny bubbles of water slowly sink so dont shake it like your trying to kill it just enough to mix it well.
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