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Today ayahuasca tomorrow lsd


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I want to take ayahuasca today, a soft and short trip, and tomorrow take LSD also a soft trip, can it be bad? O como afecta el imao de la ayahuasca al lsd del dia siguiente ?Does it not affect or enhance the effect of LSD?

Physiology it’s safe, I would be more concerned about why you would plan on doing this. Why not just see how the Aya goes and then decide if you need another day of tripping. From your posts I get the feeling you’re not that experienced and like to caution you to take time between trips to integrate the experience. In my experience this leads to a more balanced approach and a happier outcome in the long run.

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For a few weeks I have been taking LSD on Saturdays, only 50ug, and some days in the afternoon I take about 3g of ayahuasca paste, which is a slight trip, but it works very well for me, as you say, I don't have much experience that That the imao of ayahuasca can affect other psychedelics, I am very sensitive to them and I don't want such a crazy trip of l From what I read, imao makes other psychedelics very powerful.
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