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Todays preparation of my pharmahuasca journey, with some new and old ingredients.

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The last time I took pharmahuasca was a very long time ago, back then I took about 150mg rue extract and 70mg of DMT-fumarate all in one shot glass together with an excellent fruits juice that I let set for several hours to do their magic salting trick. You might look at my rue dose and think it's quite low, that is correct since I wanted to have a relative short journey that one time.

For me the DMT-fumarate always hit harder than the DMT freebase, which for me made the 70mg DMT-fumarate as strong as say ~100mg DMT freebase. The salt forms have probably a faster absorption rate and better pharmacodynamics compared to the freebase? IIRC DMT-phosphate also hit quite faster than freebase for example.

For this new journey I will change a couple of differente things:
  • Currently I have spend all my DMT-fumarate at other projects so I will now go for DMT-citrate instead. Citric acid is a triprotic acid, meaning it can donate three hydrogen ions. However, the complete reaction of DMT with all three protons of citric acid is unlikely without specific conditions since DMT is a weak base, so I will go for the 1:1 ratio. The total amount of DMT-citrate will be around 80mg. I also hope that the DMT-citrate will be absorbed as fast just like the DMT-fumarate.

  • For the harmalas I have this old vial that contains specially made 5:1 Caapi extract, I used the whole bottle for my brew so this will be equal to about ~50g of a Caapi brew, depending on the strength this will be between light and strong, I'm open for all possibilities. The content of the bottle is more than ten years old, though I know from experience that this is not an issue at all, it even smelled really nice and fresh!

  • Beforehand I ate something something very light so that the stomach has a nice liner and will give some energy during the journey.

    I ended up eating a single cup of Brinta breakfast cereals together with two small bottles of Actimel with probiotics. After drinking the brew I will drink another bottle of those Actimel in the hope to flush away that 'distinctive' mixture taste (and I will brush my teeth and use an awesome mouth wash afterwards as well to get rit of that for me so distracting taste).

  • I have combined the DMT-citrate together with the Caapi extract in one shot glass, stirred all well, and finally added some nice ginger chunks to hopefully smooth out those poor stomach receptors.
  • (your usual 'delicious' looking pharmahuasca brew. 🤪)

Today is a beautiful day, spring is in the fresh air, the cats are happy, I'm alone at home, and the so forever important purge bucket is nearby. ;)

I will wait about 15 minutes for the brew to get all the salts taking up their position and then take the brew in one big gulp, followed by that Actimel drink and then brushing the teeth plus a full mouthwash rinse.

And then...then we wait we wait....and hopefully I might see some special things on the other side.

hyperspace on the other side.png

Kind regards,

The Traveler
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