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Toluene instead of Nap in STB?

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Yes, you can use toluene, but you will pull a lot of oils, "jungle spice", and NN.

Cleanup will be necessary (naphtha or heptane, hexane might work, but not from brakecleaner), you should probably just pick yourself up some naphtha at some point. Most hardware stores carry it for about $6-9 a can. In a pinch lighter fluid will suffice.
...plus, with toluene you won't be able freeze-precipitate. Only evaporation will do it and mind you, evaporating toluene takes weeks, literally.

But toluene pulls loads of dmt along with other interesting alkaloids and plant oils as acolon said.
I have a can of toluene that I will never open again. It smells very strong and evaps slow as all get down. I would rec waiting on naptha because you can't freeze precip toluene so you have to wait ages for it to evap.

Limonene will pull a good spectrum of goodies as well and does not stink. I live in a condo and just don't have the ability to deal with toluene. Very humid here evap takes forever.
You can pull with toluene and then use vinegar to pull the alkaloids from the toluene. If you can get some fumaric acid, I wonder if it can be dissolved in MEK and used to precipitate DMT fumarate from the solution, like with acetone? Then baking soda or sodium carbonate can be used to freebase the DMT and then use MEK to separate the freebase from the salts/extra base.
Thanks SuperRad! There is a jar of (hopefully) saturated toluene just begging to be relieved of its goodies. I just can't evap that stuff at my place. I really should have thought of that myself.... sweet peaches.
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