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TR 55mg Harmal : Infinite potential of imagination

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55mg freebase Harmal extract (so mostly harmine and harmaline), smoked with some herbal mix

Setting : silent meditation

I focus on breathing, i go towards equanimity, letting all pass through me, making the empty space --- after some minutes the thoughts vanish in a noisy chaos, and become a rising frequency - then it really felt like this DMT breakthrough coming - the energy went through all the chakra , piuuuu - electric feeling

My identity kind of melted, i was jumping from 1st persn point of view to 3rd ; on and off ; and i morph into many caracters, friends, or random people and faces ; it felt a little bit like out of body exp, but with this unique feeling that give me the harmal.

Adventures into the infinite possibility of imagination
I got a little bit of the fast visions, DXM style, each "zapping" contained a little piece of a random story - what was interesting is that each of them had a different "graphic" style, from realistic, to cartoon, 3D, with all kind of beautiful art-pieces - and this was way more interesting that the stories themself (i don't remember any)

There was piano music in the background, i put my attention towards it, more detail come, then i m in the middle of a piano concerto created on the spot by a fucking don't know which part of myself - but i would like to meet the part of myself capable of composing in direct live this kind of music (i m a pianist). At one point i decide to make grow the intensity of the music, adding more and more notes and instruments, into a sur-abundant apogic climax, symphony of thousands notes, ultimatly ridiculus, so i started laughing - what stoped the meditation and the music.

I finished the pipe and went back to the music composition place - and it was still working
i tried to make more jazzy things, but i could only process the harmony of the classic, mozart - bach etc ; like if this knowledge was about only clear patterns and harmony.

It was also a really good meditation training, becose as soon as i lose the focus, it would diminish so much the effects - it show me how to create this empty space for creation in the center of myself

When i lost focus i sometimes i blame myself or i'm disapointed or anoyed; a caracter, a mix between the devil and the joker (interesting overlap) would pop up and laugh because this reaction are still anchored in duality; when the real purpose is to embrace all ,somehow, and to connect to the undual source of creation, my inner fire... at least is what i understood from this strange caracter

this time, i felt extremly relax and sleepy after the meditation (sometimes harmal give me more energy)

Harmal extract by itself are extremly powerful, but totaly gentle - a clap with your finger and you out of the trip. But the trip can bring me really far, with mystical visions, energetic feeling, and unique awareness of my body.
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